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Blossom English Vocabulary Books for 5 to 8 year Kids (4 Books)

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Vocabulary Books for 5 to 8 year Kids (Combo of 4 Vocabulary Books)

Vocabulary is a set of words in a language. To build up a rich language base we need to have an equally rich vocabulary. Target’s ‘Vocabulary Books for 5 to 8 year kids (Combo of 4 Vocabulary Books)’ combo acts as a catalyst to upgrade a child's linguistic skills. We're confident that these books would build a strong foundation for your child's journey of learning the English language.

Vocabulary Books for 5 to 8 year kids (Combo of 4 Vocabulary Books) combo comprises of the following books:

1. Blossom Vocab Builder - A upgrades a child's linguistic skills through a variety of topics, viz., anagrams, spellings and meanings, singular and plural words, etc. In this book Nouns have been deftly dealt with under the classification of Person, Place, Animal and Thing.

2. Blossom Vocab Builder - B spans across 13 categories and comprises of 41 activities. These activities comprise of numerous topics, viz., compound words, homophones, etc. In addition to these, miscellaneous section is also a part of this book.

3. Blossom Vocab Builder - C is a book that not only enhances the communication skills of a child but also makes the learning process fascinating. It works on upgrading a child's linguistic skills using creative style and comprises of activities on topics such as homographs, analogy and collocations.

4. Blossom Vocab Builder - D enhances the communication proficiency of a child with a fascinating approach towards learning. Activities that make up the contents of this book broaden the language skills of a child. Some of these are Palindromes, Kangaroo Words, Homonyms and Synonyms.

Every book spans across a number of categories and includes at least 40 activities respectively. We hope that this combo of books plays an essential role in teaching kids the art of communication.

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