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ssc exams

  1. SSC Boards 2020 | Guidelines for Writing Skills and Grammar

    Guidelines for Writing Skills and Grammar

    A gist of SSC Board Exams

    The Secondary School Certificate Examination which is better known as the SSC Board Exam is conducted by various educational boards in India. The Maharashtra State Board, popularly known as the MH Board conducts this examination for all Std. 10th or SSC Board students around the first week of March every year. It also conducts an additional examination in July for all those students who may have failed to acquire satisfactory marks to successfully pass this examination in their previous attempt.

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  2. Is traditional coaching the only way to crack board exams SSC & HSC Board Exams

    Our country has seen a great amount of development in the past few decades. We have grown by leaps and bounds to create an international identity of our own on the global map. Many companies with their headquarters set in developed countries look at us as a great ground to market their products. Additionally, these companies also offer golden opportunities for impressive salary, employment, and security. Majority of Indians nurture a dream of working with a foreign company that pays them well, provides them with great technological services, comfort and the chance to become an expert in their fields. However, the path to such a job is only through the road of excellent educational credentials.

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