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preprimary learning

  1. Classic Tips to Instill reading habit in your kids | Part I

    “A Child who Reads grows into an Adult who Thinks!” - Unknown

    Reading is an important criterion when it comes to a child’s overall development. It is one of those skills that not only proves useful in fetching good scores during school but also in the latter part of life. It is a necessary element that must be nurtured early right from childhood.

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  2. Benefits of Providing Preschool Learning to Kids

    Advantages of enrolling your ward to preschool

    A preschool lays the foundation for a child’s overall development. Ideally, a child’s basic learning begins during the age of 2.5 to 4 years i.e. before their actual years of schooling begin. Preschool is not solely a place where kids are sent to play and have fun. There is more to this than meets the eye.

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