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How Can Parents Help their Child during Board Exams?

Dear friends, It seems like a usual year when your child jumps from Std 9th to Std 10th. Every family member is so excited and at the same instant, you feel nervous. You stroll on a street or go to a shop. You go to market or work. All the people you meet, ask you the same question: ‘How is your child’s study going on?’‘How many hours does he study?’‘What...

How can you crack JEE Main through Video Lectures?

The way to success is never a straight road. This saying fits aptly for entrance examinations. No matter whether it is a national level examination like JEE, NEET UG , or a state-level test like MHTCET, there is a challenge involved. However, with the aid of technology, a lot has changed in matters of learning and getting one’s caliber tested...

What is the Right Way of Taking Break While Studying Study Break Tips?

The term monkey mind turns out to be true at the time of examinations. It is the time when the mind drives and goes haywire without being transfixed to the actual need of the hour. And in order to bring it to one point, it is necessary to calm for a while and relax it a bit. This enables the mind to retain things better and boost concentration. Failing to channel the mind in one direction often...

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