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exam day tips

  1. How Can Parents Help their Child during Board Exams?

    Dear friends,

    It seems like a usual year when your child jumps from Std 9th to Std 10th. Every family member is so excited and at the same instant, you feel nervous. You stroll on a street or go to a shop. You go to market or work. All the people you meet, ask you the same question:

    'How is your child's study going on?'
    'How many hours does he study?'
    'What percentage did he score in the last test?'

    Then, your phone rings up. All the relatives are

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  2. Points to Remember before Appearing for a Board Examination.

    Are you tensed for cracking the board examinations?
    It's easier than you think.

    'Quitters never win and winners never quit.'
    Various platforms await to divert your attention. But, you need to conquer over.

    Every student learns. But the top scorers also minutely study the tips which others don't pay attention to. I will show you how in the below mentioned points.

    Apart from studying thoroughly for the entire year and mastering your presentation skills, here are  a few  points that students should adhere

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