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  1. Preschool Education - It helps kindle the joy of learning!

    Preschool Education - It helps kindle the joy of learning!

    The brain of children between the age group of 3 to 5 years happens to be like a sponge that can instantly absorb anything that is taught. Thus, harnessing this opportunity and introducing kids to early learning can aid in inculcating them with the right habits in addition to kindling their curiosity for learning more.

    Unlike yesteryear, when a child’s learning process started only by the age of 5 to 6 years the present day scenario has evolved over the years. Kids are now given early exposure to learning techniques that were otherwise not introduced u

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  2. What is the Right Way of Taking Break While Studying Study Break Tips?

    The term monkey mind turns out to be true at the time of examinations. It is the time when the mind drives and goes haywire without being transfixed to the actual need of the hour. And in order to bring it to one point, it is necessary to calm for a while and relax it a bit. This enables the mind to retain things better and boost concentration. Failing to channel the mind in one direction often leads to phobia and anxiety which is well known as exam phobia. Before it creeps inside it is better to trick it out right away. So, if you too are going through the

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