Do you want to crack the board examination with flying colours?
It is possible.

'For those who dare to dream, there is a whole world to win.'

A Board Examination is a primary milestone in every students' life. Students prepare themselves for months in the anticipation of this examination. Some feel nervous and some feel overconfident. However, balance is the key. To drive your woes away and to help you score well, here're a few basic guidelines. 

'Study smart Not hard.'

Studying consistently throughout the year is very important. However, equally important is to study with a proper plan. 

Studying consistently throughout the year is very important. However, equally important is to study with a proper plan. 'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.'

Here is  a '12 month strategy plan' to crack your SSC Board Examinations with flying colours:


Many schools start their academic year right in the month of April. This is just the beginning of the intense pressure and mounting tension that lies forth. Teachers and parents begin pressurising students to study for long hours and reduce their play hours. However, be your own judge and follow what suits you best. Remember, every person is unique and we all have a different approach and a way of doing things.

Prepare your own timetable. Allot suitable time for studying and relaxation as per your plan. However, once you set a time-table, follow it strictly. Across these two months, you can steal a few moments of relaxation in April. But do not waste the month of May as Unit Tests are conducted in the month of June and you need thorough preparation for that

JUNE - JULY - AUGUST: (The most important months):

  • The major portion is covered in these 92 days.
  • Clarify your doubts.
  • Practise what you have learnt.
  • Spend maximum time on conceptual learning.
  • If you waste these months you will not be able to cover your portion later.

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER - NOVEMBER: (Work on presentation skills)

  • Solve topic tests.
  • Judge your own performance.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • You can also prepare a 'Countdown sheet' to stay motivated.
  • Spend time on improving your presentation.
  • Read blogs on 'How to write the best answer sheets?' Implement these tips in your preliminary examinations.

Quick Tips for Writing Perfect Answer Sheet | SSC Board Exam 2020

DECEMBER - JANUARY: (The months of Preliminary Examinations)

  • Complete your portion by the month of December.
  • You might have skipped some topics for the first preliminary examination. Study those topics in January. 
  • Buy 'Question Paper Sets'. Solve papers at home and get it checked. Remember to solve these papers on a replica of the board answer sheet.

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FEBRUARY: (Countdown begins...)

  • All the students are offered a study leave. This is a golden opportunity to utilise your time optimally as you save on travel time.
  • Just focus on Revision.
  • Solve at least 1 Model Question Paper a day.
  • Do not work yourself up, else you will have no energy left for the board examinations.
  • If you have still left some topics pending, study it thoroughly. Give your best shot and run the extra mile in this month. These efforts will define your future.

MARCH: (Just relax)

  • Students have 1-2 days before the exam commences. Do not panic and drag your studies for long hours.
  • Relax in these days.
  • Arrange your books and notes subject wise to avoid misplacing any.
  • Organise your stationery material.
  • Revise what you have learnt thoroughly.
  • Prepare a checklist of the materials you are going to carry for the board examination. For a sample checklist click here:

Do not get nervous. Believe in yourself and put your best foot forward.