SSC English Board Exam Preparation 2020: Grammar & Punctuation Rules


The Secondary School Certificate Examination which is better known as the SSC Board Exam is conducted by various educational boards in India. The Maharashtra State Board, popularly known as the MH Board conducts this examination for all Std. 10th or SSC Board students around the first week of March every year. It also conducts an additional examination in the month of October for all those students who may have failed to acquire satisfactory marks in order to successfully pass this examination in their previous attempt.

The academic year of Std. 10th sees students appearing for the SSC board exam that is held state-wise, much unlike to previous academic years where the schools had complete autonomy of conducting the exams. This arouses a lot of anxiety and tension in students, teachers and parents alike. The year begins with students and teachers setting out on their SSC board preparation journey, the first stop of which is generally Std. 10th  textbooks. It is a general sentiment that students need to go above and beyond their textbooks in the SSC board exam preparation material. Many schools, as well as coaching classes, begin the year by focusing not only on the textual concepts but also focus on allowing students to understand how SSC board exam preparation tips will help them score excellent marks.

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A common misconception takes over the minds of students when they undervalue the importance of Std. 10th English book as they don’t have to learn answers herein. This is not the case as Std. 10th grammar and vocabulary make up for the most scoring sections in the SSC Board examination, which can greatly help students if their concepts are clear. Thus, it is important for a student to include grammar and vocabulary in their Std. 10th English preparation for the SSC boards.

According to the latest paper pattern of SSC board examination, the paper for Std. 10th English would be an entirely activity-based paper. This means that students will not be asked any ‘Wh-questions’ from their SSC English textbook, rather they will be tested upon their comprehension, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary skills. This novel change in the Std. 10th English Paper Pattern has been welcomed by students as it is a decisive move away from the rote learning towards an evaluation of linguistic skills in students.

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Here are a few study tips that will better your SSC Board exam preparation for the subject of English:

Section NameMarks Allotted
Language Study20 Marks
Textual Passages20 Marks
Poetry (Prose + Poem Appreciation)15 Marks
Non-Textual Passages (+ Summary Writing)15 Marks
Writing Skills20 Marks
Creative Writing10 Marks
  1. Let’s talk about the English question paper in particular. Consider your Std. 10th English textbook as your bible as every single question will be asked from it. This time the SSC board has done away with the internal marks for English, which will make the entire SSC English Paper account for 100 marks. These marks would be distributed into six sections as above:
  2. The language study section herein accounts for 20 marks. In addition to these 20 marks, there are about 12 marks worth of grammar and vocabulary questions that students will be asked under the Textual Passages and Poetry sections. This makes it 32 marks that you can easily score in the paper. For this, you must ensure that your grammatical concepts are strong.
  3. When it comes to grammar topics, you will have to practise all the topics that you have learnt since you were a student of Standard 8. These topics would range mainly from Articles, Prepositions, Determiners, Prefix and Suffix, Punctuations, Tenses, Clauses, Types of Sentences and so on.
  4. Now it makes absolute sense to depend upon your Std. 10th English textbook for any help in Language study. At the same time, it would bode well if you can take up a reference material or Std. 10th English Notes, which not only cover textual content but also explore all the grammatical concepts in great detail.

When you opt for Std. 10th books that work as a reliable guide to help you study your Std. 10th English textbook, you need to be sure of a few things. The first one being that these SSC books offer you with ample amount of practice through textual and non-textual questions. In addition to this, if you happen to find a book that will give you through knowledge about grammar, vocabulary and writing skills, it would serve you a long way and get you an exceptional score in SSC Boards especially when it comes to solving the Std. 10th English paper.

Here are a few grammar and punctuation rules that you must adhere to while studying Std. 10th English books:

  1. Understand the functions of every single punctuation mark. For instance the full-stop is used at the end of an Assertive sentence, question mark comes at the end of a question, and commas are used to separate items in a sentence and so on.
  2. It is important to know the difference between prepositions and conjunctions. Prepositions show the relationship between a noun and a pronoun whereas the conjunctions are usually known to be joining words that join two sentences.
  3. Gerunds are verbs in their –ing form that do the function of a noun whereas Participles are those verbs in their –ing form that function as an adjective.
  4. Article ‘a’ will always be applied before a consonant unless it makes a vowel sound, similarly article ‘an’ will be used before a vowel unless that vowel makes a consonant sound.

Wish to know more about such rules of grammar to help you score well in SSC board exam? Then Target Publications’ Std. 10th English books would be your best bet. These books are completely divided and structured in a way to develop comprehension, grammatical, vocabulary and writing skills among students. This educational publication house offers a range of Std. 10th books for the subject of English, each catering to a different study aspect for all-round development of students. A student can opt for any of their following SSC English books:

Target Publications’ has been hailed to be at the helm of the education industry when it comes to compiling books to serve all the educational needs of students. Want to be a maestro of Std. 10th English grammar? Go ahead and check out their Std. 10th books for the SSC Board examination.

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