How to study for the boards most common board preparation mistakes?


We have all read about a lot of articles regarding how to prepare for an examination and what steps to follow regarding the same. However, the need of the hour is understanding what the common mistakes that we tend to do and how crucial it is to avoid the same in order to gain good scores in the SSC boards.

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Students hold a lot of misconceptions about learning and thereby fail to prepare effectively for the exam. So, here we thought of becoming your guiding light and offering you an effective insight into the strategies which can turn the game of learning in your court. Often students mistake learning with memorizing which is not true. This article is set with the view of breaking open a few myths surrounding the process of learning and thereby presenting an open outlook which can make you decipher the appropriate choice for cracking the exam.

Myth: Being good or bad in any subject is inborn and cannot be enhanced or excelled by hard work

Often it happens one is inherently good in certain subjects and is able to master it with ease. Such students don’t find it difficult in grasping the topics. This makes them believe that they are innately good in it and conversely, there is no need for indulging in hard work. On the other hand, when students are told they are bad in certain subjects and no matter what they do, acing it is quite difficult, then building in mind can also backfire on you.

In both the scenarios, it is the hard work that takes the back seat and needs to be comprehended in order to come out in flying colors. Because there is nothing better than hard work and that is the only thing that can sail you across the ocean of learning.

Myth: Memorizing is the best way to learn

Memorizing is never the way out of learning and preparing for examinations. Well, it can do wonders in case you are memorizing or learning the formulas and periodic table which cannot be understood but has to be learned by heart. You can also prepare cheat codes which can make it easy for you to remember important points. Cheat codes happen to be a great way for revising at the time of the exam, to quickly go through all the important points.

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Myth: Subjects you are good at doesn’t need much revision

Whether it is an easy topic or a tough one, revision is required for every subject and topic. You never know what you find easy may turn out to be a difficult topic and you may blank out during the exam. Thus, it is necessary to give equal importance to each and every topic whether it is difficult or easy. Moreover, you can start with bifurcating the questions into easy and difficult topics and later go on to devote your time to each of the topics accordingly. However, while polishing your skills in difficult topics is important, it is necessary to revise both topics regularly after completing each topic.

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Myth: Learning diagrams is not important

Diagrams, when used with care, can help you imbibe things easily. Diagrams offer a lucrative stop for students to revise their answers. If you are well abreast with the diagrams, then you can very well add to your knowledge and understanding. Moreover, diagrams are more scoring and if you are well abreast with them, you can score more marks.

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Myth: Starting with new topics 1 month before the exam will help you remember things

If you want to score well, then remember to abstain yourself from starting with any new topic one month prior to the exam. This will only add to more confusion and thereby make you forget what you have already learned. So its better to close all your books one month in advance and hereby only concentrate on revising what you have already learned.

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