Want to score 90% or above in board exams?

It is possible!

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Board examination is the crucial juncture in every students' life. This is the year, wherein the competitive world awaits for the budding aspirants. Regular practice and study are extremely necessary to win this competition. However, equally important is proper planning. And scoring above 90% is a piece of cake. I will tell you how.

Follow a task-table and not a time-table.

Everyone advises to follow a time-time but following a time-table, as-it-is is hardly possible. Isn't it? A timetable makes it mandatory to follow a specific task at an estimated time. And we are unable to follow it because of mood variations.

A task-table includes two columns. Note down the day's tasks to be completed in the initial column and the time required to complete each task in the subsequent column.  There is no need to specify an exact time to complete the tasks.  Feel free to complete the task as per your convenience but make sure you complete the task on the same day itself.

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Task Assigned Time required to complete the task COMPLETED
Write an essay 20 minutes
Solve 10 problems 50minutes
Learn definitions 30 minutes  
Revise 6 grammar topics 55 minutes

Polish your skills.

To master a skill, subject or a chapter you need constant practice. Practise the subject regularly which you find difficult to crack and do it till you master the chapter. Judge your performance every month and observe your progress. Solve the Mathematics sums to gain a firm hold on the subject. Remember, such subjects are scoring so don't neglect them.

Scribble your walls.

After practising thoroughly, all you need is revision. Students tend to forget the previously learnt topics if they don't revise.

  • Steal some time from your schedule for revising. Say, an hour or so.
  • This will help you to score well in surprise tests and other examinations.
  • You can use your house walls to write important formulae and definitions. You can revise those important formulae just when you walk around in your own house. Sounds funny! But I have personally tried it and it really helps.

Ace a test.

It is necessary to judge your performance. You can do so by solving test papers. Allot time for solving tests. Tests help you to complete the paper in the cut-off time. Your writing speed improves and so does your confidence. To do the same you can buy 'Target Publications' SSC Question Paper Set'. This book provides the best question papers with solutions.

Work on presentation skills.

All the students learn and write the answers in the board examinations but the top-scorers work on a better presentation. Handwriting plays a vital role in improving your presentation. Make your answer-sheet so presentable that the examiner loves reading it.

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Overcome the distractions.

Studying is of no use if you do not concentrate. Do you hear that beep sound on your mobile phone every-time you study? Then you switch your attention to all the social networking sites. Eventually, losing your interest to study. The best thing to avoid this is uninstalling such apps. If you don't want to do so, you can switch off your mobile phone while studying.

Keep yourself motivated.

All your efforts will be in vain if you do not motivate yourself. Never wait for others to motivate you. Watch motivational you-tube channels in your leisure. Surround yourself with motivational quotes.

"Enjoy the fineries of life but not at the cost of your career."

Refer the best books.

Reference books help you score great because the answers in these books are written by experienced professional writers. Now your question could be "Which reference books should I refer?"

As far as I know, all the toppers have referred to Target Publications books. The reason is- Target books contain up-to-the-point answers giving the examiner no opportunity to deduct marks. Understanding the topics is much more important than memorizing it. Their efforts are always directed towards the same. These books also offer the best content. So what are you waiting for? To get equipped with various other exceptional features of this book, BUY NOW!

'There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.'    

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