Dear friends,
SSC exam is one of the most important steps in a student's journey. All of us study hard. Considering the dreadful coronavirus pandemic today, students seem to scratch their heads in the look-out for coaching classes and reference material. Technological barriers tread teachers' paths while explaining complex topics and network connection is the worst issue. However,

'Every dark cloud has a silver lining.'

We must never lose hope. To turn your dark day into a bright one, I am here to provide you a few guidelines.

General guidelines:

Make the best use of technology:

'Technology serves as a tool for teachers and as a guide for students.' Various online learning platforms offer reference materials and audio-visual lectures. Also, ask your teachers if they can conduct lectures via Google Classroom so that your schedule is not hampered. Use it to the fullest.

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Jot down the important points in a book:

Where teachers are at a loss to distribute notes and important content, try preparing your own notes. This strategy will help you remember the learned topics for a longer duration.

Establish co-ordination with teachers:

Clarify all your doubts via social networking sites. Call and ask your teachers. Teachers are always on their toes to guide students. So, don't feel nervous. Just contact. You can also take the help of your seniors.

Subject-wise explanation:

Today, when the ebalbharti platform offers free textbooks to download on your device, Grab the chance! Download it and start self-study.

Now, let us go to the world of subjects. I am going to explain to you subject-wise effective methods of studying during this phase. So stay connected!


All languages have writing skills and grammar topics. We have already learned a few grammar topics and writing skills in previous years. Why not master those? You can ask your teachers to provide you with a topic every day for writing and then get it checked via emails or WhatsApp.

And grammar needs nothing but practise. So make it a point to practise grammar regularly. Language questions are presented in a paragraph format, working to students' benefit. You can read the paragraphs and try to frame your own questions. It's so simple! Target Publications also offers a playlist of all the poems with a detailed explanation. You can have a look at them.

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Students can understand a few concepts from this subject which are based on the previous year's portion. Ask your teachers about easy topics and try solving those sums. Learn all the formulae very well so that you won't waste time learning formulae once everything is back to normal. You can use your walls for writing these formulae in order to keep them in your reach. I have personally tried it and it really works!


Most of the chapters in Science are difficult to understand. You can only understand these chapters well after your teacher teaches you. So you can go at a steady pace with this subject. However, Science 2 contains some E.V.S. chapters which are a piece of cake. To list them, here are a few,

  • Chapter # 4: Environmental Management
  • Chapter # 9: Social Health
  • Chapter # 10: Disaster Management.

You can read these chapters. Answers to the questions of these chapters are 'personal response' kind of. Hence by doing these chapters on your own, you can complete a quarter of your portion.

Social Studies:

Social studies entirely depend on rote-learning. There is no space for conceptual learning in these subjects and all the answers are hidden in the paragraphs of textbooks. You can ask your teachers to mark these for you or you can do it yourself. Start practising Geography maps and learning the states of Brazil. I know it is very difficult but Target Publications makes everything easier for students. Below is the link to 'Learning the states of Brazil in a jingle bell song format.' And do you know? Singing this song with your friends in school is a bliss! I used to do that with my friends and we had a cheerful time learning the states of Brazil.

And that's all! We have almost covered 50% of the syllabus. That's great! Isn't it? Feel free to add your comments and suggestions. I would like to hear from you.

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And friends,
Take good care of your health. Be healthy and stay indoors.
'He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything.'

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Stay home! Stay Safe! Keep learning!