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As soon as you enter Std 10th one is bombarded with numerous advice and tips on how to crack the exam, what to follow and what not as well many other advice. So, if you are expecting a blog that would cater to what should be done then you will be quite disappointed. But not completely disappointed actually. Here we have listed things that you must probably avoid when preparing for board exams rather than those which you must follow:

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Check out below:

Do not go by mob culture

Often students get driven by peer pressure and end up doing what their friends are doing. It is necessary to understand that you must follow your own mind. Though it might be beneficial for your friends, it’s not necessarily useful for you. So, create your own study method and do not get swayed by your friends and get influenced.

More importantly, study for your understanding and increasing knowledge rather than gaining marks and raising percentage. This pressure will indirectly affect your learning.

Burning the night oil

Most students consider burning the night oil to be the potential way of learning. This is however not true. Burning the night lamp sacrificing your sleep will only lead further to feel more tired. Your body is not mechanized to stay awake for a long time without sleep will lead to a decreased level of concentration and low grasping level.

On the day of the exam:

Do not waste time reading the questions

You would only get 3 hours for language papers and 2 hours for other subject papers to complete the paper. It all depends on how wisely do you use it. Spending time reading the questions will only lead to its further wastage. And here is where we get stuck. Ensure you do not concentrate on questions which are difficult and you probably don’t know the answer for. Instead, keep up the confidence and go on to solve questions which you already know well.

It is better to carry on with what you know rather than concentrate on what you don’t know and lose more marks.

Avoid last-minute preparation

Ideally, the best time to put across your books and stop learning any new topic is 1 month before the exam. Preparing any new topic at this time will only lead to more anxiety. However, this is the ideal time to get down your revision. Reread what you have completed through the months, solve previous year papers and revise your notes so as to strengthen your core. As stated above, it is better to sharpen and polish subjects which you have already completed rather than concentrate on other subjects which are still left to be learned and lose your marks.

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Eat Well, Do Not Skip Meals

If you consider skipping meals is going to help you in any manner to gain extra marks, then do think again. Skipping meal will flash in your mind food instead of anything that you have learned.  Additionally,  it leads to tiredness thereby decreasing your concentration.

Adding further it is also important to follow certain points which will make your examination preparation a hassle-free task. So, here is a gist of the points which must be followed by students:

  • Use proper reference books for your exam

Reference books can be of extreme use if used properly. They offer a good stand over gaining revision of topics which you have already dealt with.

  • Solving previous year papers

Whether it is sample papers or previous year papers, both can deem to be extremely useful to the students.

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