What are the Important Tips to get full marks in the Writing Skills section of Board Exams?


Board Exams is the pedestal for setting our future in lines of our desired profession. 10th boards are the first time when a student appears for an exam as big as boards and thus the nervousness and stress are prevalent to exist. Getting done with syllabus and revision is though an important aspect of the exam preparation which students proficiently gear up to. While the preparation for theories, mathematics problems, and objectives are well covered by the students, one aspect studying which they often turn a blind eye is the writing skill section.

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Writing skills section appears in language papers of English, Hindi, and Marathi. While we do know how much marks are allocated to the question, students remain obscure regarding how is the marking carried on. It needs a different approach in comparison to other sections and this is the reason for drafting this blog, to throw light on how can students improve writing skills and score marks in essay questions and ensure they score maximum marks.

Before beginning with the actual content, the primary aspect to look into is what does the writing skills section of board exams include?

The writing skills in English, Hindi and Marathi sections generally includes essays, letter writing (formal and informal), Dialogue Writing, Speech Writing, Advertisement writing, Story outline, poster writing or invitation writing. These in total comprise an overall of 25% marks of the paper weightage.

Often students give the least importance to this section claiming it to be easy. But this is one of the scoring sections, which if attempted well can increase your score. Here are top ways of perfecting your writing skills and thereby adding to your score during board exams.

Get a good sneak peek of your syllabus:

Most often the topics asked in the writing skills for essays or speech writing are related to the overall lessons covered. Thus, it is always better to gain a good understanding of which are the major topics covered in the board exam and accordingly begin with the preparation.

Run through Previous year paper

The obscurity regarding which are the top essay topics or letter-writing asked in the exam, always linger in the minds of the students. In case you know which are the topics usually asked renders a platform for candidates to prepare for the exam and practice the topics. So, a run through previous papers will absolutely work wonders and if you find any topic being asked consistently through 2 or 3 consecutive years, you can prepare to surround the same.

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Practice every writing skill

Candidates must know that they will have to attempt at least one topic from each writing skills and thus must accordingly prepare for the exams. In order to perfect the skills in these topics, you will have to begin with solving the questions asked in the previous year papers. This will give a good stand and also better your preparation process.

Apart from concentrating on language and format, another integral part of writing skills is grammar and punctuation. They are also equally important as writing can never be perfected without perfecting grammar. Right punctuation, use of alphabets, tense and other aspects make an important guidance point when practicing writing skills.

When writing the topics

Start with collecting your ideas in the form of pointers. Then, later on, go on to create full sentences and in this manner paragraphs.

Do not over the limit the answer and ensure to write within the word count. Stretching them more may only lead to deduction of marks.

Clean handwriting extra points

While the fact that clean handwriting may fetch you more marks remain obscure, but a paper which is well written in terms of its appearance does add up to extra marks. This in terms of maintaining neatness as well as how precise you are to the topic. Ensure not to drag the topic too much and maintain logic throughout.

In the case of speech and essay, ensure to keep the introduction impactful. It is the first thing read by the invigilator and hence must be to the point and cover major aspects of your answer. If your opening paragraph is covered wonderfully, your answer is sure to fetch you good marks.

Go by the structure

A good answer comprises of a structured format. This includes the Introduction, Body, and conclusion. In the case of essays including pointers and subheads will make it seem good. Similarly in the case of Letter Writing following the structured format will make it look presentable.

Thus summarizing the overall blog remember to follow these four points:

  • Pick a topic from the given options which are close to you
  • Writing impressive Introduction and conclusion
  • Add Subpoints and follow the structure
  • Maintain word limit.

Target Publications has the ultimate kit for Std. 10th board exams. Our language books deal not only into clearing the concepts to the students but also has a separate section dedicated exclusively for writing skills. Each and every section of writing skill is beatifically explained and students are rendered utmost concept base of what are the points to remember when writing the answers.

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