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Benefits of Mock Tests

Competitive exam preparation can be stressful, especially if you have a huge portion pending to be covered in a short duration of time. Drawing out an ideal plan in-time can make your learning process manageable and easy. The technological revolution has presented students with the opportunity to utilize the internet and various other applications to learn as well as test their caliber.

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Mock Tests are a boon for students appearing for competitive exams. They offer students a platform to assess their preparation by acquainting them to the actual scenario of the exam. Whether it is NEET-UG, JEE Main, MHT CET or any other entrance exam, appearing for mock tests before the actual exam is a must.

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In this blog we elaborate about the benefits of taking up mock tests for enhanced exam preparation:

What is a mock test?

Basics of Mock Test

A mock test serves as a practice exam for students appearing for various competitive exams. While the marks of the mock test are not counted in the actual result, it enables students to assess their score, which is a direct reflection of the preparedness of a student to face the actual examination. Attempting mock tests can also give students the chance and necessary direction required to  level-up their preparation. More importantly, they prepare students beforehand thus reducing stress levels and building confidence. 

Attempting mock tests are  especially beneficial for first-time examinees, , since mock tests shed light on what the students can expect on the day of the actual exam.

Strategy Builder

Mock Tests are designed with the simple rationale of exposing students to the actual examination setting. Whether you are worried about the revised examination format or the problem of time management, mock tests can give you a head-start on what you need to actually focus on during your exam preparations. Consistently solving mock papers can reduce anxiety, which is the root cause of avoidable errors committed during exams.

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Now let’s run through the benefits that a mock test offers to an aspirant in meeting their goals:

Mock tests are a replica of the original design. Mock tests are carefully drafted taking into consideration the revised syllabus/ format (if any), the weightage of marks, the difficulty levels and various other factors that a student may encounter during the actual exam. Not only can candidates attempt the mock test at their own convenience, but they can also formulate a strategy and prepare for the exam with complete confidence after analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

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Self Evaluation

Self Analysis

Whether it is in the format of an online test series or book, Mock tests   are a part of the complete package required for competitive preparation of exams. Mistakes in the actual exam can dent your career, but mistakes made during a mock test act as eye-openers to analyse your preparation. Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses helps you to strategically plan how to prepare more efficiently for your examination.

Like you may have previously heard, ‘to each his own’, same is the case with examinations. Everyone has their own sets of problem areas as well as their own areas of excellence. Hence, it is impossible to excel if everyone tries to prepare alike. Attempting mock tests, gives you that edge to analyse your own level and prepare accordingly by improving things you are weak at and perfecting things that you are already good at.

Learn new methods to solve problems

The Mock Test helps a student learn new advanced techniques, aiding students to find newer methods to apply the basic concepts. Mock tests expose students to questions that can be solved by similar methods, or short-cuts that can be used to solve tricky questions. This gives you a chance to build formulas and strategies to solve problems during the exam more efficiently. Unless you attempt a mock test, you won’t be aware of the actual application of basic concepts required to solve questions. No matter how strong your concepts are, applying them in the correct place at the right time is what will help you score maximum marks.

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Bettering Time Management Skills

Time Management

Time management plays an essential role in every exam. Especially if it is a competitive exam, this becomes even more crucial. Attempting Mock tests  helps in levelling up your preparation as well as accuracy.. Every mock test contains a stipulated time period in which it needs to be completed. Adhering to the time limit of the exam while appearing for the mock test can help you analyse the questions that take up more of your time.

Allotting a certain time limit to solve each question can ensure that you run through your entire paper in-time and still have some spare-time in hand to ponder over questions that are difficult. Giving excess time to questions that you are unsure of will leave you with very little time to solve questions that can actually help you score. Attempting mock tests will give you an idea of how to reduce your time consumed per question and still come out victorious.

As exams have changed, so have the strategies of preparing for them. Online mock tests are ruling the roost today with several features which help aspirants score a great rank. Our Online Test Series is a similar online mock test which will prove to be an instrumental foundation for aspirants. 

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