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They say ‘Well Begun is Half Done’ and there happens to be no other proverb that better describes a student’s life. You might wonder how? While this may be quite an old saying, the meaning at its core is evergreen and relevant even in today’s era. Its relevance is highly visible when it comes to studying. Say, you are a student who will appear for the SSC Board Examination of 2020. What will your study steps be? You will begin by looking for SSC Maharashtra Board Question Papers, note the syllabus and choose the most important reference books for SSC. This is how you begin well, but does it mean that your preparation is truly half done?

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Most students today have access to social media, fast internet and advanced technological devices such as mobile phones and laptops. This makes the preparatory process full of hurdles better known to all of us as distractions. Many go above and beyond to avoid these and force themselves to just study for long stretches of time. This strategy again has a lot of holes in it. Because the moment you force yourself to study, you stop learning.

So you are an HSC Board student and are simultaneously preparing for either NEET UG or JEE Main entrance examinations. How do you deal with distractions? Do you schedule them or run away from them? Forcing yourself to read through your JEE Main books or NEET preparation books by locking all your devices away only hampers your concentration and wastes your time. Similar is the case if you are poised to appear for the SSC or HSC board examinations.

How to schedule your distractions while preparing for NEET UG and JEE Main examination?

NEET UG and JEE Main aspirants are generally quite ambitious in getting admission for medical and engineering courses respectively. If you happen to be a part of this illustrious group, you must have already zeroed in on which NEET preparation books and JEE Mains books to study from. These exams are considered to be quite important and so the preparation strategy for them is quite intensive. As the exam dates come closer, pressures begin to run high and you aren’t able to bring yourself to study due to exam fear and anxiety. This makes it important to treat distractions as your friends and to schedule them so that they boost your confidence.

Here are a few ways you can schedule distractions:

  1. When making your timetable, dedicate half an hour for yourself every single day when you can use your phone stress-free.
  2. If you feel saturated studying from JEE Main books, the best way to tackle this is by enrolling yourself into a JEE online test series which tests your knowledge and keeps you on your toes.
  3. Set a permanent time to sleep and wake up every day. This will help you reduce laziness and help in memorizing every concept from NEET study material.
  4. Overthinking can cause your brain’s engines to get overheated. Prevent this by reading something light and funny that will drive tensions away.

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How to schedule your distractions while preparing for SSC and HSC Board examinations?

Std. 10th is one of the first academic milestones that a student must pass through in order to achieve academic excellence. Following it is Std. 12th that marks the important year of HSC board examination in a student’s life. Whether you belong to the Arts Stream, Science Stream or Commerce the way you begin your preparation is quite similar. For Std. 10th students, it means referring to SSC Maharashtra Board Question papers and for Std. 12th the guiding point is HSC Maharashtra Board Question papers. While you are putting together your Std. 12th Commerce Notes or finding out which 10th standard maths important questions you must study, also collectively tackle your distractions.

Here are a few ways you can conquer your distractions:

  1. The first step of any preparations strategy is acceptance. Accept that you get distracted and then identify what distracts you.
  2. There is always one factor that triggers your need to do anything else apart from studying. It could be a lack of motivation, no proper goal in mind, fear of certain subjects, etc. Finding out your trigger will help you deal with it better the next time you feel like reaching for the phone.
  3. Every single time you feel like postponing studying for another hour just ask yourself one question. ‘Will this delay help me get into my dream college?’ The answer to this question is your biggest motivator.
  4. Don’t depend on anyone else to force you into studying. Generally, when you make your own rules, you can stick to them better. Make rules for distractions without anyone else’s help.

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