How to write an Exam Paper with a creative kick?


Every year more than thousands of students appear for state-wide and nation-wide examinations. These examinations are namely the SSC Board Examination, HSC Board Examination as well as other competitive entrance examinations such as JEE Main, NEET-UG and MHT-CET exams. While the number of students threatens to touch the sky as every year passes by, the number of paper checkers is generally constant. Similarly, the syllabus and the question papers for these examinations are also the same for every candidate of a specific examination. Have you ever wondered that in spite of all the question papers being exactly the same how is it that a certain number of students are able to score excellent marks, while many aren’t even able to score passing marks? There’s only one reason for such a splendid performance and the reason is the three Ps – Perfect Paper Presentation.

Many students think of their academic years as the springboard leading to the final showdown that is the final examination. Thus, they spend all their time absorbing the entire syllabus, acquainting themselves with every single page of their textbook as well as notes and finding out ways to score maximum marks. What most of them ignore is developing their skills to present a paper that is so simple yet crisp and expansive yet to the point that the Paper Checker is compelled to give them an excellent score. This article right here has been carefully put together to bring out the Artist of Answers within you and help you achieve the top score that many can only dream of. So without further ado, let’s begin.

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Here’s a list of Dos that will greatly help you answer with a creative kick:

  1. A well-structured answer sheet will help you score a lot more than any of your best thought out answers would. Give a boot to the habit of launching yourself into writing answers and try to visualise them first. Utilise the first two minutes after you read the question to visualise your answer and then begin to write. All you need is a pencil and a ruler. Draw over and embolden all the borders of your answer sheet. Once you’ve created a presentable paper for yourself, filling it in with answers will only add to your marks.
  2. Many students feel long answers will fetch them better marks. However, they forget that sometimes less is more especially when it comes to your answer sheet. The faster you get to the real answer the better are your chances of scoring more. We highly recommend your answers to be in a point-wise format instead of paragraphs. Add more value to your exam paper by writing one answer per page and by leaving the top and bottom lines of the page empty.
  3. When you dress up for the day, don’t you wear a few accessories to highlight your best features to look great? In the same manner, underlining the most important words or lines in your answer grabs the attention of paper checker and helps you score excellent marks. 
  4. Did you know that you can visually entice the paper checker to give you more marks? All you have to do is include relevant diagrams in most of your answers. Mathematics is one subject which is rich with construction diagrams. There are quite a few answers in Science which you can add value to with detailed, labelled diagrams. Similar is the case with Geography. Wondering how important a role do diagrams play in order to help you score in the exam? Go on and read our blog post about diagrams and their magic qualities of granting you more marks.  
  5. Many of us are great believers in our abilities to perform exceedingly well. While self-confidence is an ornament to be proud of, sometimes it may turn into over-confidence. This makes a lot of students not practise the art of answer writing. This may snowball into a big issue as the exam inches towards you. Therefore, having an answer ready for every kind of question would not only save your time in the exam but also would help you ensure the excellent state of your answer sheet.

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A Poor Worker always blames his tools

Ask any student why he/she wasn’t able to score good marks in the examination and you will be handed with a long list of reasons that played the role of roadblocks. However, none of these reasons would point to the real culprit. So why be the hard-working, yet lost kind of a student when you can be a smart one? Thus, it is highly important to ensure you have absolutely reliable and strong tools. This can be done by following quite a few things. If you are an SSC student, then you must check out previous years’ SSC question papers as well as the answer sheets of toppers. Similarly, if you happen to be an HSC student then there is no better treasure for you apart from HSC previous years question papers and answer papers of toppers. Try to follow the adage of ‘Imitation is the best flattery’, adapt their answer writing styles and implement the same in the final examination. We understand the great value that is placed on a well-written answer, which is why the content in all our books reflects precisely that. This precision and the format which we meticulously write our answers in would serve as a yardstick as well as a stepping stone for you to go ahead and generate your original creativeness and score excellently. Want to ensure that you are a part of the top scorers of the country? You must check out our diverse product offering that is brought together to serve students in the form of SSC Books, HSC books, JEE Main Books, MHT-CET Books and NEET-UG books. We are strong believers that our yearning for education will mirror a holistic learning experience for you in all the education journeys you wish to embark upon!

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