How to utilize Study Breaks wisely during board Exam Preparation?


“Rest and Work go hand in hand.”

They both play an integral role in rejuvenating a person. One who knows to strike a balance between two will be able to sail through the hectic stress of exam preparation with ease.

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Board exams whether its Std 10th or Std 12th deem to be an important pedestal for students. The preparation for this is intense too which goes on for 10 to 12 months. Every student outs in an equal amount of grilling and dedication to come out in flying colors. Unlike other school exams, boards mark a crucial turning point in the life of students. The scores obtained during the exam determine the credibility and eligibility of students to gain admission in the college of their choice.

Thus, many students end up studying for long hours without break only putting themselves under stress. Taking a break is as important as that of revision. Sparing little time for sleep and food while continuing to spend major time in learning will all go for waste. Breaks are important for the brain. It is impossible for it to keep working all day long without rest. Herein, after some time it will begin to through away all that is fed into it and the end result would be completely nil. By pushing yourself off rest, you are just punishing your body. This higher the level of burnout thereby leading to depression.

In this article, we have dedicated to exploring the importance of rest. We have documented the need for rest along with detailing other ways which can lessen your trouble for learning better.

Beginning with what is the importance of Break?

It is often seen that students who spend long hours of time studying tend to become tired and lose their concentration. As per research, the brain stops registering things after a certain period if a certain work is prolonged for a longer time. This is the very reason why the mind tends to become tired and we feel bored on continuing with the mundane task. The body tends to get habituated to the stimulus and fails to respond to whatever is fed into it after some time. Thus, it can be understood that prolonged hours of studying can hinder to your understanding and throw away whatever you try to fit in your brain.

  • Spending continuous hours in studying will leave you to feel exhausted and worn off
  • It helps you stay alert and proactive
  • Studies have shown how individuals who take proper breaks and rest tend to remain more active throughout the day as well as have a high concentration level. This automatically increases motivation levels too.

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What is the ideal time to take a break?

  • Just like having something little by little in between breaks is a great way to stay fit. Taking regular breaks while studying is another good way of keeping your preparation high paced. An ideal break for 10 minutes after every 50 to 60 minutes of learning is the best study method. Moreover, you can decide on the pace based on your capacity.
  • Whenever you feel your brain is not taking in anything and the concentration is getting wavered is the ideal time to take a break
  • If you feel distracted, taking a break of around 30 minutes is ideal again.
  • After finishing every topic, it is best to take a small break. It helps your brain switch its gears as well as instill in you the energy to perform better.

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What can you do during a study break?

Utilizing the break in a proper manner is very crux. Instead of idolizing you can spend doing much more things and make it creatively rejuvenating. These include:

  • Indulge in some quick exercises to relax your muscles and energize brain cells.
  • Have some healthy snack which such as fruits or raw veggies. However, ensure to not indulge in junk foods which will do no good to your body and only drain you further.
  • Wash your face or shower in warm water.
  • Talk to either a friend or a family member or just go out for a walk in between the meadows.

What to not do during a break?

  • First and foremost, do not prolong your break. Stick to your timetable. Even if your mind says otherwise ensure to not break the flow.
  • As much as possible, try to avoid watching TV or playing a video game. It will drain your brain more leaving you with little energy left for carrying out your studies later on.
  • If you are going out on a long walk, do not waste your time by munching on junk food. Though they offer to taste but only drain your energy in the bargain.

Taking short breaks in between your studies is a great way to prevent your brain from getting fatigued. At the same time, board exams are an important point in every student’s life. Utilizing the time properly by balancing studies as well as taking rest play an essential part in acing one in studies.

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