How to Overcome Board Exam Stress and Anxiety?


The very mention of board exams is enough to send chills down our spine. Every student at some point of the time faces the stress of exams whether it is school exams, board exams or entrance examinations. The effect is so much so that it drives students into craziest levels. This time which students must spend on learning and preparing for the test goes drained in worry yielding back no returns. And the outcome is this ultimately showcases its effect on the results that are derived.

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Thus with the following, we can state that the panacea of all the trouble lies in stress and anxiety. So, here we thought of dedicating this article for relieving stress and overcoming the anxiety of exams: Read below:

  • Do not wait for the last, the early, the better!

One of the top mistakes done by students that leads to anxiety is starting late with the process of learning. Most students at the time of preparation live in the world of procrastination and wake only after when the time for the exam arrives. Thus as said by eminent personalities across the globe, the earlier you begin, the better will be the chances to win.

Start your revision early enough to not be delayed and put through the stress of finishing a long list of pending chapters. For this, preparing a schedule in advance can do wonders. While, it is not recommended to finish all chapters together, completing one chapter each day and revising it the corresponding day can do enough wonders in reducing your anxiety on the day of the exam.

Know the 6 things which you must keep in mind when preparing for SSC Board Examinations.

Also, decode figures of speech for your SSC examination to gain a better understanding of the subject.

  • Craft a timetable

And this time, a real one which you would actually follow. We all have at some point of time created timetables in our head, with the lieu of completing the set of chapters each day only to get it to burst in the thin wind of dreams. To start with a robust preparation, students need to be disciplined. If you want to pave further, you must ensure to follow the timetable well and create a productive one which can actually be followed.

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  • Create a one week plan

If you can’t manage the everyday plan or monthly plan then creating a one week plan will be most beneficial. When preparing the study plan to ensure to address important points such as how many hours of break you would be taking, duration of completing each subject or chapter, how much time you would devote to revision, play and for carrying out other errands.

Also, it is better if you are mindful about how well you would be your preparation before you begin your actual revision. As for timing, it is completely on the student to choose which time will be suitable for them, whether they would want to prepare during night hours or devote time in the morning surrounded by calmness.

How it will help?

Creating a week plan helps to sort things in a planned manner. This thereby will reduce the issue of panicking on the day of the exam and messing up with the preparation.

  • Prepare notes

It is impossible for one to remember the entire syllabus just after one read. Hence preparing notes is considered a tactful way of keeping the required arsenal ready for revision. Jot down all necessary points or highlight them wherever necessary. These points can be either any phrases or sentences which you consider are important in the study process.

Additionally, referring to notes also makes the process of learning easier. Moreover, you can quickly get back to the notes and get your doubts resolved thereby reducing your stress in finding the points in the textbook on the day of the exam.

With the advancement of technology, it is far easy to find notes on the internet. Target Publications offers a lucrative platform for students in offering them the best guidance possible. 

  • When in doubt, clear it out!

Doubts can crop up anytime. However, getting it cleared is the actual crux. It is necessary to get the doubts cleared or less it will only pile them up further thereby making you go crazy and anxious every time. You can either get them cleared by your teachers or that of your friends. But ensure to get them sorted indeed.

  • Practice –there is no other way to success!

Board exams are not the same as that of school exams. It is the first time that you would be appearing for exam outside your school and no with your classmates surrounded. This thought itself will trigger anxiety raising the level of fear. Moreover, one is completely oblivious to the types of questions that would appear in the paper, which is again not in the similar format as that of normal school exams. Hence, herein practicing previous year papers can deem to be really helpful. Students can render insight into what will be the questions asked and how to attempt them.

This will help to reduce anxiety as students will be offered a similar insight same as that of board paper pattern.

  • Maintain your diet

A balanced diet is necessary for good health. Often students tend to skip their diet on the pretext of learning leading to building up of anxiety. It is a dominoes effect wherein, the students are unable to understand things while on the other hand, poor diet and inability to understand is going to cause more stress and anxiety. This mold can be broken by following a balanced diet.

  • Sleep Well

Do not skip your sleep for studying. That won’t match your bodily clock thereby making you weaker. Studying for a longer time in the evening will not help imbibe anything. Instead, it will only breed more confusion. Reduced sleep is linked to reduced concentration and mood swings.  Hence a proper 7 hours sleep is immensely important to function well and reduce stress.

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