How to make Science More Interesting for Students?


Science is not merely a subject, it is the way of life. Studying this subject renders the reader as well as the students a huge amount of insight into myriad dimensions. Whether it is understanding gravity, checking the play of chemicals or learning about how life on the planet materialized, there are a plethora of advantages the subject offers.

However, the very topic here is about how can one make Science an interesting subject and inculcate the curiosity in student’s mind right from a young age? Often students end up losing interest in the subject as they grow older. Thus, it is immensely important to keep the curiosity alive in them the same that they had during their primary time and not get turned off from the subject.

Science brings about an exciting list of offerings including courses and career scopes in the field. Read out our blog on Courses to do after HSC 12th Science, so as to instil in you the excitement and fondness of the subject.

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Here are top 5 ways to interest students about Science:

Answering the WHY?

The foremost question which is asked by students is “WHY”. Answering this question us the crucial aspect of instating curiosity in the mind of children. Thus the foremost aspect in instilling this curiosity in them is by tapping this very why and teach them to find answers for themselves thereby making it fun to study.

For Example – Why do leaves have veins? Why is tomato categorized under vegetables, when it is in actual a fruit? What makes ship never sink in water? These kinds of questions will help kids in sharpening their observatory skills and thereby learn to dig deep into it and generate a hypothesis.

Create a ground picture

Students often get misguided about the subject as the teacher directly jumps into the topic without creating a strong concept base. Thus, it is immensely necessary to answer the WHY of the topic. They must be able to understand why are they learning the content in the first place. This can be done by making the title much interesting. For example – in place of lesion titled The Atom, we can transform the name to ‘What is everything in the universe made of? Begin the lesson by asking a few question and answer, that can aid further them in becoming curious about the subject.

Do not just laze students with facts

A common misconception among students surrounding Science as a subject is it being more of facts that can only be memorized. This lowers down the curiosity in kids, who later find nothing interesting in taking back. While science is all about facts which are proven, they can well be made interesting by changing the teaching method.

For example – Evolution of life is a topic which is filled with a lot of facts, can be made worth listening by explaining them in the form of a story. Similarly, Physics which happens to be the most dreaded subject can be made interesting by introducing new topics, giving information apart from the one listed in the textbook and turning them debatable.

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Tapping the ‘How’ of Learning

After you have elucidated and studied about the why, the next is tapping the HOW. Herein, one of the best ways to make the subject worth a read is by generating the curiosity of how it will be useful in the future? Add a separate element to the teaching process. This can be done through conducting workshops, organizing fun activities and developing the thinking power of the students.

Keep the learning Open

The most important aspect when learning Science is keeping it open for the students. Let them generate hypotheses by reading through the books thereby gaining a deeper insight into the subject.

Science is all about imbibing in oneself the craze to know more. While students find the subject interesting during their primary schooling, this interest often falls off the graph as they reach their secondary standard. This will thus aid in making the subject a good career option after standard 12th making students take up entrance exams like JEE Mains, NEET UG and MHT CET along with other national entrance tests for engineering and medicine.

Once you have entered science, the very next step is availing for boards. Hence we have enlisted the top 10 things which students must know about 12th HSC Board exams so as to make the sail easy.

Apart from the above points, the most essential aspects include proper study material which will render the students a precise and concise information ground. Target Publications through our collection of Science books offer a perfect solution to build in curiosity. Our collection includes Science books from Std. 5th to 10th, FYJC and SYJC Science in the form of books and e-books. Our offerings for entrance examination include Online Test Series, Mock Tests and innovative study materials.

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