How to maintain the balance between Entrance Exams and Board Exams in this competitive world?


Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.
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Time is all we need and want when we think about two of the most primary milestones in our academic life. Both SSC and HSC students will wholeheartedly attest to the fact that their success more or less depends on the way they utilise these 11 odd months. For HSC students who are poised to appear for Std. 12th examinations, the concept of time gets murkier as the days pass by mainly because of two words – Entrance Examinations.

HSC students generally decide to appear for either NEET UG, JEE Mains or MHT CET examinations. While these examinations characteristically contain syllabus that is along the same lines of the curriculum, the examination patterns highly differ. A customary glance through HSC Maharashtra board papers as well as question papers of NEET UG or JEE Mains will highlight one big difference. The former tests a student’s ability to articulate (Subjective and Objective questions) whereas, the latter tests a student’s logical and analytical skills (MCQ questions).

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The question on every student’s mind is ‘How do I manage time to balance both my HSC board and entrance exams?’ The answer to this is – Become a master juggler! Here are a few tricks that you can have up your sleeve:

1. Know when to start

The first few months of Std. 12th are bound to be overwhelming as it will be for the first time when you will study outside of the academic sphere. However, this is the right time to source HSC Maharashtra board papers in addition to NEET UG preparation books, JEE Main books and MHT CET books. NCERT books act as foundational study material should also be on your list of  ‘books to get’. Don’t dilly dally when it comes to starting as it may end up costing you a precious rank in future. Make a plan which would give more importance to HSC boards in the beginning and slowly balance it out with entrance exam as the year progresses. Do not put off studying for tomorrow, if you can do it today.

2. Know the syllabus for both well

Understand that HSC board exams and NEET UG entrance exams although similar are quite different in their own regards. Identify the differences in terms of chapters, concepts and questions then devise a strategy to tackle them separately. Divide your time into watertight compartments, no spillovers at all. When you study for JEE Mains, for example, you should study concepts from both Std. 11th as well as Std. 12th. On the other hand, give the major portion of your day to HSC boards preparation till the month of September after which you segregate time equally.

3. Know the importance of your time

You will be able to get a gap of one month or so between your HSC board exams that begin in March and entrance exams (NEET UG, JEE Mains, MHT CET) that begin in May or so. Conduct a SWOT analysis of your own as early as July and fix a certain number of months that will be enough for a full prep for boards. Once you have got that down you need to decide when your study mode switches off and test mode switches on. Enrol yourself into a NEET mock test or JEE online test series to help test all the concepts you’ve learned on one hand and try solving HSC Maharashtra Board question papers on the other. Focus more on Boards from the month of January and once they’re done accelerate your entrance exam preparation.

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4. Know to draw commonly perpendicular lines

The game is always all about alignment! Here it refers to how you are able to align common topics perfectly to study them better. For instance, you can open up the treasure chest of e-learning and mine all the video lectures of a concept that is being simultaneously taught in your college as well as coaching class. Add to it a NEET mock test based on the same topic and you will be able to master it effortlessly. Apart from this, you can devise your individual study strategy where you take up a common topic or concept, strengthen your basics for the HSC boards and solve challenging questions for NEET UG, JEE Mains or MHT CET. All you have to remember while unearthing common concepts is to stick to one subject at a time.

5. Know your Achilles’ Heel

Achilles was considered to be among the strongest of all Greek heroes whose only weakness was his heel. A cunning enemy was able to target his heel that finally led to his crushing defeat. In your case, say you are able to find excellent NEET UG study material, the perfect JEE Main or MHT CET books and enrol in the best online test series. Additionally, you are also able to thoroughly take advantage of e-learning through video lectures. However, you aren’t able to deal with distractions and end up taking way too much stress, tension, anxiety etc. These would become your Achilles’ heel. Massively cut down on screen time, stay away from social media and schedule time to go out more and take more tests to get accustomed to the exam. Finally, also get the proper amount of sleep and nutrition that will keep you going through the testing waters of exams.

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