How parents can help their children in preparations for competitive Entrance Exams?


The season of examinations is all around. The very word of entrance examination is enough to make students freeze in worry of how well they will perform in the exam. But this doesn’t stop here alone. As per research, parents also face an equal amount of pressure who tirelessly pray for their success. The examinations play an important role in both student’s as well as the parent’s life. However, at this time, parents can prove to be of great help for their children rendering them aid for acing the competitive exam as well as in fighting the stress.

This article of ours is more parents centric, aiming to put across to them how parents can deem to be a guiding source for children when preparing for crucial examination:

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Teach them Time Management

Time Management is one of the crucial aspects of preparation. Especially entrance examinations like NEET UG, JEE Main and many others are given immediately after 12th grade. Herein, students hardly have enough time to devote separately to prepare for JEE Main or NEET as they simultaneously prepare for their 12th boards. Juggling between studies, coaching class and preparing for the entrance examination can end up messing one’s life. Parents herein can offer a helping hand in building a useful schedule for days and weeks so as to effectively utilize their time. Learn the Tips and Tricks for solving MCQ Questions.

You can nit-pick things which are important and schedule their timetable accordingly helping your child balance between extracurricular activities (which are a must too) and studying efficiently.

Be present for them

Failure is stepping stone to success. In the journey of life, one will face failures a lot of time. Especially in the case of students there can be constant perks of anxiety, panic and the feeling of not doing best. Parents play a relevant role in building a child’s moral. NEET, JEE Main are crucial yet difficult examinations that are appeared by thousands of students at a time. Not all may click at the first go. Herein, parents can aid as a support system to them, building their moral instead of pressurizing them with the threat.

Use positive reinforcement such as appreciating them whenever they clear a NEET Mock Test or Crack JEE Main Online Test. This will help in building confidence and working towards achieving their goal.

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Get them the best referral Books

Coaching classes do provide their books but relying only on them can be quite futile. Whether it’s MHT CET, JEE Main or NEET study Material, it must be able to provide information in a concise and precise manner by throwing light on important concepts in a simpler manner as well as contain examples and question papers to assess one’s preparation. As parents, you can aid your child to beat the exam stress by bringing them good JEE Main books or MHT CET question paper from previous years so as to build their preparation.

Go the smart way

Smartphone and the internet have eased a lot of things at the present time. While most parents may snatch away the mobile phones from students to make them concentrate on their studies, these same phones can deem to be a useful platform too. Apart from downloading ebooks, the student can also subscribe for MHT CET and NEET video lectures by experts who assist through their teachings.

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Look after their diet and sleep

Students often give the least importance to their health at the time of examinations. By studying late night and waking up tired, most end up getting dark circles down their eyes. Hence, it is necessary to take utmost care of health. Ensure your child gets full 8 hours of sleep and eats a healthy diet which is nutritious as well as strengthens the mind. In addition, ensure they do not delve on junk food which is a common sight when students indulge in group studies or while way back from the classes or college.

Do not force them to stay awake at night or feed too much on caffeine. It will affect their mental health. If your child continuously studying without taking a break, make them go out in between and take studying break often.

On the day of the examination, give them full confidence and inspire them to do their best. Build their moral and support them irrespective of the result. Because success becomes easy when supported with love. Wanting to give your students the best of everything? Then why lead back in case of books for entrance examinations. Visit our website for some of the best NEET Online Test Series, Mock Tests, as well as video lectures for NEET, MHT CET and JEE Main along with best study material to ace the examination.

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