How can you crack JEE Main through Video Lectures?


The way to success is never a straight road. This saying fits aptly for entrance examinations. No matter whether it is a national level examination like JEENEET UG , or a state-level test like MHTCET, there is a challenge involved.

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However, with the aid of technology, a lot has changed in matters of learning and getting one’s caliber tested.  A decade before, students solely resorted to textbooks for learning and preparing notes. In comparison, the present generation stands truly blessed. Nowadays, students are no more required to carry heavy loads of books to each place. They can rather read the entire book on their smartphone or tab itself!

Apart from using physical copies of notes, students can add a sparkle to their exam preparation through eBooks and video lectures. Video lectures, in particular, offer the aspirants a potential avenue to gain a deeper understanding of the study material without wasting time in searching for the topics in books. Besides, there are numerous advantages offered by video lectures, which we have highlighted in this blog. Read below to know how e-learning eases the process of learning for you.

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Time no Bar, Place no Bar – Read whenever you want or Har Baar!

There is hardly anyone in the present time who doesn’t have access to a mobile phone. From 1 GB per month to 1 GB per day of mobile data now, we have come a long way. And this has put us in advantage, as it is now twice as easy to access as many books and lectures as one wishes to,  with just one click. One of the outstanding benefits of JEE Main Video lectures is that there is no limitation on the timings to watch them and there are no qualms of signing the attendance sheet either! All that you require to access the videos, is a smartphone, laptop or a tab with an internet connection,

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Pause, continue or just bookmark

No need to dog-ear every other page that you have read. (btw, dog’s ears are those devilish folds that some of us make on pages as bookmarks). With e-books and videos, you can easily bookmark the page and revert to it whenever you want to.

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You won’t lose the notes ever!

Hippie! The very fear of losing notes, or getting the pages torn or crumbled, is eliminated with e-books and video lectures. Just in case you lose your important notes, you can any day, anytime log in and download the JEE Main video lecture once again. Apart from the battery dying off, there is no other potential trouble that one can face here.

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Attend lectures at Home

If you are feeling under the weather and are unable to attend lectures, you may end up missing out on both topics and notes. But instead, resorting to JEE Main video lectures will still help you stay connected and do your revision too. You can play videos anytime by rewinding the lectures along with carrying out your revision. Besides, students can also leave their queries in the comments section and have them cleared by experts.

Getting tips from rank holders surely helps in boosting confidence. Furthermore, it also aids in assessing one’s preparedness.  Hence, we bring to you the top study tips shared by JEE Main Exam, 2019 topper, Shubham Shrivastava.  Do you want to know what strategies he followed to ace the exam? 

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Pause and take notes

Students usually tend to miss out jotting down notes during lectures. But with video lectures, this is well compensated for. It is easy to note down JEE Exam important reference points while the video lecture is going on, by merely pausing the video. This not only makes it less cumbersome but also curtails the feeling of panic. Additionally, with video lectures, one can get the entire chapter divided into sections. This helps thereby in gaining a complete and section-wise understanding of each topic.

Keeping the above concerns in mind, we at Target Publications have provided a perfect platform for all aspirants pursuing their entrance examinations. On our YouTube channel, we present video lectures of topics related to JEE, NEET, MHT CET as well as board exams. An exclusive range of topics related to NEET UG and JEE  have been covered here by subject experts, while they make good use of examples and theories.

Additionally, reading our blogs helps you gain further insights on board exams and competitive exams. You can also browse for our further offerings in the form of JEE Main notes and online test series, hence adding to your competitive exam preparation.

We would like to conclude that the right medium of learning, backed by immaculate reference material, can turn the tables in your favor. It will help build your confidence, thereby helping you to efficiently reach the greater heights of success.

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