How can parents help their kids in overcoming the fear of Maths?


Does Mathematics give you nightmares and leave you dreaded for long? This one of the subjects that can make students spend sleepless nights. Diving into the world of numbers can students drown deeper and deeper into its mystery? However, it is not as bad as it is considered to be. Mathematics is one creative subject that is made of numbers and formulae which are extremely prolific and take students to greater heights.

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While schools do help students come out the fear, parents too can aid one in coping with the anxiety which the subject causes. This blog we have dedicated to all those parents and students who are looking for a certain level of help to ace the subject. If you are a parent and lamenting over your child’s bad score in the subject of the number, below listed are few ways how you can help your kid in acing the subject:

Foremost you can use daily work for teaching your child relevance of the subject.

Get an accurate picture of your child’s strength and weaknesses

Before delving straight into the methods begin with getting a better picture of your child’s strength and weakness. The idea for this you can gain by going through the child’s notes and school books so as to gain a better understanding of what is thought and the topics.

You can also speak to their teacher so as to understand how the child is performing in the class. Additionally, you can also gain the knowledge of what was taken in the tests and what are the areas your child needs to work on.

Thinking of how it works? Well, based on these aspects, you can go on to create a strategy for the same.

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Help them in practice

Similar to any other subject or art, Maths to requires an immense amount of practice to perfect it wholly. Because if you are not a born wizard in Mathematician then practice is all that is left to make it happen. Mathematics needs to get fixed into your mind completely, in every muscle of your body and brain. For this, you must make your child practice mathematics problems each day without fail. Not too many but solving at least one or two exercises on a daily basis will help in easing at the time of the exam.

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Practice them Formulae

Mathematics comprises of numerous formula and each need to be remembered so as to be able to solve the exercises. Create a chart with all the formulae listed in it and paste on the wall or room of your child. Ensure to make your child revise it once in a day to make them proficient with the topics.

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