How can One Prepare for two Competitive Exams at the same time?


If you are a science student, you will surely know there is no dearth of competitive exams for you to give after the completion of the HSC exam. Whether you deem to get into engineering or medicine, it all requires you to appear for different entrance examinations at one time. There are also a wide variety of options available on the state as well as the national level for students to experience. Moreover, many colleges in India as well as abroad consider the marks obtained in these entrance examination as the deciding factor for admission.

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While it is well understood about how to prepare for individual examinations, the trouble or situation of anxiety arises when you are told to give two competitive exams together at the same time. This is where the dilemma enters our system. So, here are once again come with our blog wherein we have dealt with how can one deal with the dilemma of giving two competitive exams at the same time.

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For making it clear to the students we have taken the example of top engineering and medical entrance exam of the country. This includes JEE Main for engineering and NEET UG for Medicine. So let’s understand through these two competitive exams which are for two separate streams, about how can we prepare for both at the same time:

Gain a detailed idea about both the exams

You must foremost gain an idea about the exams, what the exams are and its syllabus in a gist. This will aid you to get an understanding of what are the similarities between both the exams. This includes the topics which are in the syllabus and what are the subjects which are same for both the examination.

Divide your timetable

After you have gained a detailed overview of what are the subjects and topics included in the examination, the next step is to take efforts in dividing your timing effectively. Try to incorporate sufficient time for subjects/ topics which you find difficult and on the other hand, try to devote an equal amount of time for topics you are good at. This will help to maintain a proper balance and thereby complete your entire syllabus in time.

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Herein, try to cover the topics that are similar for both the exams. For example, even if you are giving two different exams for engineering or one for engineering then Physics and Chemistry are two subjects that are common and almost comprises of same topics. While on the other hand, if it is for Engineering and Medicine separately, then again Physics and Chemistry are two subjects that are common between both. Moreover, they are also the most difficult ones. Hence completing it beforehand, is well and good.

Note: Ensure to follow your timetable strictly. The mind is a monkey and may get dwindled but if you wish to achieve your goal, no one can stop you.

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Divide and sub-divide the topics

You can also go about dividing the topics further into sub-topics to make it easy for learning. Incorporating this method of sub-dividing the topics will accordingly help in reducing the level of difficulty and deem helpful for you to gain proper clarity about how much efforts need to be taken for individual topics.

Additional Advice: If you are confident about any topic, you can go about completing it in the beginning and then move on to the next topic. This will help you determine how much time you should allocate for each topic.

Reassess your strategies

What worked before, is not necessarily going to work every time. The very crux of success is constant change in strategies, looking at it closely and making the changes. Periodically through your preparation try to comprehend what can you change or modify in your learning strategy. If you find, you would need more practice for any particular topic then devote more time for it. This will ensure you are well in tandem with your preparation and completing all topics accordingly.

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Keep separate days for finishing different topics

Allocate separate days for different topics and examinations. Solve previous year question papers of both the exams separately. You can go on to prepare for them alternate days to make it easy for you to understand it.

Lastly, look out for topics which are common to both the exam, finish them first and then move to those which are not covered in each.

No exam is difficult for the mind which is bent upon achieving its goal. Make the most of your time you get before the examination and utilize it to refine your course information. Additionally, as most exams are conducted after HSC, you have ample time to revise the topics covered during the board exams. Entrance examinations are just a medium to examine your depth of knowledge and which is the field you want to enroll in. Also if you are appearing for competitive exams and preparing for board exams simultaneously, do not forget to read this blog: How to maintain the balance between Entrance Exams and Board Exams in this competitive world?

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