Frustration to Confidence: A magic trick that worked wonders for many students!


As the old quote goes, Mind is a Monkey! It can either be too productive or just push you flat on your face. If conquered can also make you rise to the highest pedestal of your life. These blocks that restrict one from performing better or the ghosts that haunt you when you sit with your books all ready to start studying are called mental blocks. In the case of a student, it is experienced often and getting over it is extremely necessary.

In addition, this mental block isn’t limited to one particular exam such as HSC boards or SSC or even for that reason when preparing for the entrance examination, it exists throughout. Just the trigger happens to be the very thought that we have to start studying.

So, for all those who have faced or are experiencing frustration and talking to your mind, it is impossible to qualify a certain entrance exam, or gain a good score in SSC or HSC, we here have presented you a magic trick which can help turn the tables in your side. Check them out:

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A lie that does good is not a lie indeed!

In the words of Lord Krishna, a Lie that can do good can certainly not be treated as a Lie ever. But how can this be applied to a student’s life? Well, herein laying to your mind is the very crux of enabling it to do well. So fake it until you make it. Fake to your mind you are actually doing well and stepping up the ladder. Carry it on until your brain ends believing you and actually makes the route to success easy.

So if you have 10 chapters to cover in your JEE Mains preparation, then just keep telling to your mind, you are not tired and can complete one more answer until you finish the entire chapter with ease. Starting your JEE Main preparation right from standard 11 is a lucrative way to lessen the stress and anxiety related at the time of exam.

Speak to Self

No one else can motivate you better than your own self. The effect that a motivational video is known to have on individuals, the greater impact is witnessed when you speak positively to yourself. Because your brain and mind depends a lot on what you say to it and believes it too. So, begin your day by talking to self and instilling confidence in it.




Try this for a week. Go by the 21/90 formula. Repeat something continuously for 21 days and watch it become a habit within 3 months. Inculcate the habit of speaking positively to yourself. Because as in words of Rhonda Byrne, “The universe vibrates as you speak out to it”.

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SET GOALS by calculating it well

Where do you see yourself in the next Ten Years?

This question doesn’t have a stop. It is infinite. Before you pass out from your college and is asked at the time of the interview, it is a great idea to ask yourself this question well in advance. This will help in setting realistic goals and working towards achieving it.

This can include wanting to clear JEE Main or NEET UG next year. It’s a Long term goal which needs to be well crafted before you set on the journey to achieve it. This will also aid in scheduling a good timetable following which you can complete your Mathematics syllabus for JEE or Biology pattern for NEET UG within 6 months time.

Amidst this do not lose confidence. Learn to keep it high and whenever you find yourself losing confidence, just remember the first two points.

The path to long term goal is setting short term goals about within how many days will you finish your Mathematics portion, Biology topics or Solve your NEET Online Test Series along with JEE Main Mock Tests within a stipulated time frame.

Mock Tests help in laying a great foundation in securing higher rank by acquainting students to the real time experience of taking the exam in actual.

Continue these top 3 Magic Tricks and see yourself climbing the ladder towards success and keeping your frustration and underconfidence at Bay!

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Also, read our blog on 7 best revision techniques for entrance examination drafted to ease your preparation process and help climb the ladder of victory.

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