Can I crack the NEET-UG 2020 without Coaching? Effective Preparation Tips


“Nothing is impossible for the mind

which has set itself on goal;

and find success walking beside…

Blur the lines and focus on your dream

NEET UG is one of the most essential examinations if you are an aspirant of Medicine or Dental courses. It is the sole examination held at the national level in India for gaining admission to Medicine and Dental colleges across different states of India. This means the level of competition is quite high with lakhs of students vouching for scoring their best in the exam. Thus putting the best foot forward without wasting time on other errands can alone fetch you a good stand-in cracking the examination.

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Another myth that most go by is the need for coaching classes. No wonder numerous coaching classes have boomed in the past few years, offers a good guide for those who are appearing for the exam. Most often students enroll for a coaching class primarily because their friends are going to the particular class or because their parents have asked them to join a class.

However, one can even crack the NEET UG exam and get the NEET examination sorted solely by doing self-study. Yes, we do know self-study of such an important exam is hardly recommended yet as goes the saying in the opening paragraph if you have set your eyes on winning no one can stop you.

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In this particular blog we have elucidated the techniques and tips following which you can crack the exam with ease without going for coaching:

There are three main tools which can guarantee you scoring a good score in NEET Entrance Exam. If you have these three tools, you can easily confirm your success in the entrance exam. This includes:

  • Vision for goal
  • Appropriate Reference Books
  • Solving previous year papers

So, here in this blog, we would render to all readers a detailed outlook of all three aspects which can make your NEET exam preparation easy even if you are not attending any coaching class.

Set your eye on the goal

Deciding your goal is the foremost important aspect. Once you have decided what you wish to acquire nobody can stop you from reaching your dream. This implies both for how you set your timetable and how you will be going on with the preparation. From how much of portion you will be covering in a day to how soon you finish a particular chapter can help you cover the entire NEET UG Exam syllabus within a good time limit.

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Gather appropriate books

The next step is gathering the required study material. Here the student can get driven looking at the various options for NEET books available in the market. While you may be allured by the various offerings of NEET Books, picking the best one can drive your scores ahead. Target Publication understands the essentiality of the NEET Exam and hence presents the best books for NEET UG which can clear your conceptual knowledge as well as provide you with ample practice.

The book gives a detailed overview of all the necessary points in addition to covering the questions from previously asked exams with solutions. Reference books play an integral role in sharpening the concept skills of students along with offering a potential platform to gain good knowledge and practice of questions.

Solve as many questions as possible

‘Practice’ is the only way out of the anxiety surrounding the NEET UG entrance exam preparation. Apart from gaining a good stand over the theory part, the next is to practice each chapter’s MCQs. You can start with solving individual chapter MCQs and thereby going to the next level of solving the model questions.

Previous year papers are yet another good platform for strengthening one’s practice. Especially in the case of NEET UG exam, the entrance exam preparation needs as much practice as possible. This is where previous year question papers offer the best assistance for preparing for NEET Entrance.

If you are looking for a comprehensive book for NEET that covers all NEET previous year questions, then we at Target Publications have a book handy for you. NEET PSP by Target Publications covers questions asked through 32 years of NEET entrance exam. This includes a detailed bifurcation of topics and subtopics, year-wise questions and solutions. Grab the book by visiting the website today and make your preparation the best of all time.


Read NCERT Textbooks

Even though NTA is the present exam conducting body in place of CBSE, still there is no change in the NEET syllabus for the examination. It is still based on the CBSE syllabus. Thus, being abreast with the NCERT textbooks for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. There is no greater ocean of jewel especially for an entrance examination like NEET other than textbooks. Sure a reference book presents a good base to strengthen the knowledge, it is primarily important to clear your concepts which can be done well by being thorough with the textbooks.

Each subject needs a different approach in order to gain a complete understanding of it. Read below in our blogs some study tips and tricks on how to get ahead with preparing for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

How to tackle Chemistry for NEET UG 2019? Tips to Study and Preparation Strategy

How to tackle Physics for NEET UG 2019? Tips to Study and Preparation Strategy

How to tackle Biology for NEET UG 2019? Tips to Study and Preparation Strategy

Take Online Test Series

Another important aspect when preparing for NEET UG Exam is practice and revision. To build the overall technique of exams, the NTA has started with NEET Mock Test centers wherein you can take up mock tests online at various NTA centers. You can take up the online mock tests to understand your preparation wherein you can even download it to practice back at home.

Additionally, taking up online tests is a good way to gain a detailed understanding of the entire exam along with learning the management of time of how soon you can complete with answering all the questions.

Know about how mock tests can help in pushing ahead your entrance exam preparation and make your way ahead to success.

Target Publications offer a lucrative platform for students of the entrance exam to prepare for the examination. Students can avail for our online test series by visiting our website. Target’s Absolute and Challenger series are created with the view of presenting to students a comprehensive outlook of the topics. While the Absolute series prepares the candidates with the basic concepts and the challenger series poses to students a study guide to assess their preparation.

Buy NEET UG BooksBuy NEET UG Online Test Series

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