Benefits of using Previous Year Question Papers and Sample Papers in preparation for Exams!


Students and exams are two poles apart. It is not an easy ball game to get them together. However, it is also impossible to keep both away from one another. This love-hate relationship between exams and students is something that is worth watching.

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We can’t deny the fact that exams do cause a lot of stress to students, no matter whether you are appearing for board exams or entrance exams. However, instead of lamenting over it being stressful, there does exist a way out and solution to ace exams without much efforts.

Solving previous year papers and sample questions are a good stop that aids in reducing the stress to a great extent. It also helps in decreasing the exhaustion and making students ready for facing even the toughest tests.

Previous year question papers for board examination offers a comprehensive platform for exploring one’s caliber and thereby aiding them in making the most of their preparation. Here in this blog, we would be exploring the various facets of previous year question papers, sample papers and mock tests which can further aid in preparing for the exams:

Wondering why we are counting mock tests under-sample papers?

Well, mock tests are no different than that of sample papers. The only major difference herein is while in the case of previous year papers, students are required to solve physical papers, mock tests are solved online. Mock tests happen to be as useful as practicing to solve questions that aid students in garnering good rank in the competitive examinations. So, herein, we would speak exclusively about how to leverage these tools by helping in the preparation:

When to start solving previous year papers?

Start your preparation as early as possible. You can begin by creating a timetable for your schedule. Furthermore, it is not mandatory to solve the entire sample paper. You can solve questions for each chapter separately and then go about solving each segment to cover the entire paper.

You can herein, gain a good understanding of what are your weak areas and which needs more refinement.

A precursor to original exams

Sample papers are a precursor to your original exam. Hence, it must be dealt with equal seriousness as that of other exams. Thus, they must be solved with the same attitude as that for exams, only then will you be able to convincingly pass the exams. Solving it by putting your entire heart and soul will ensure you understand your weak and strong points thereby prepare accordingly for the exam. Read: How to write an Exam Paper with a creative kick?

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Prepare a study plan

For solving the sample papers and mock tests properly, you are primarily required to make a proper study plan and execute them accordingly. Creating a proper study plan will ensure you carry on with your preparation effectively and thereby reduce the overall pressure faced by the students. For this you must ask the following questions:

  • Is the study material tough?
  • Which is a better study material and does it cover all the important criterion?
  • How much portion is remaining for you to cover?
  • Is the exam significant for you to devote your time?
  • How much time do you have for doing revision?
  • What is your goal for the exam?

If you have all the above questions sorted, it will be much easy to qualify the exam wherein the sample papers can really prove to be a beneficial stop.

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Occasional revision with sample papers

If you refer the sample paper you can gain a proper insight into the entirety of the paper. They are an actual gold mine that can take you towards success quite easily if you pay heed to it. What can you gain information about:-

  • What are the frequently asked questions?
  • Which chapter is given the most importance?
  • The format of asking questions

Furthermore, by making use of previous year question papers and sample questions is an extremely important criterion. Once you have finished analyzing the syllabus, you can go on to revising the papers regularly. Solving one each day is an effective method of ensuring you stay ahead of others in your preparation.

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How will it help you?

Solving it on daily basis assists in time management. You can begin by solving one paper per day and calculate the time taken for completing it. This will thereby help further in gaining a good insight into your speed and accuracy. Also, you will get a platform for knowing your strength and weaknesses whereby you can further work in building your caliber.

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