If you are a student, you won’t be oblivion to the feel of knots in your stomach. A feel that reminds you, exams are around the corner and you need to pull up your socks to kickstart with revision. Exam stress is a common phenomenon faced by every student before the commencement of the exam. However, while many would believe that stress can be good for you, science has a different point of view.

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According to science, when one is stressed, the brain tends to release higher levels of cortisol. This eventually ends up clouding the ability to think and replaces it with a normal stream of thoughts. Hence, when you stress more about something you eventually end up performing less effectively. This implies to exams too!

Moral: Stress is unacceptable whether you are a child or an adult.

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Herein, finding ways to cope with stress tends to increase productivity. Destressing oneself helps to absorb more information and thereby will prevent you from having a breakdown. Eventually, this will lead to more wins coming your way and assist you in gaining good scores.

This blog will give you a sneak into magical tips for reducing exam stress by following these great tips to help you deal with stress.

Prioritize your time

Be aware of your priorities. Gain insight into subjects that are your strengths and weakness. This will help you reduce your level of stress. You will be in a better position to gauge the important topics and articulate ways for covering it in time.

For example, if you have two tough subject exams on consecutive days then draw a simple table enlisting the number of topics that need to be covered. This will render a clear idea of how much time one would require to dedicate to each topic. Thus, as you begin with your revision, you won’t be in for any confusion or dilemma of completing the syllabus.

As you progress through your revision, just go ticking off what is already covered. This exercise will give you a sense of satisfaction and relief.

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Developing a revision timetable is always beneficial

Revision Schedule

Considering the typical human nature, it is impossible to get the entire work will be completed in time unless not properly organized. On the contrary, creating a timetable or being organized reduces the amount of stress to a great extent.

Develop a revision schedule and list down to-do lists every day. It will help in keeping one well prepared and track your revision.

However, creating a timetable or daily routine alone won’t help you reduce stress. You need to mentally and physically work on it. Doing so will make you feel more in control of your daily plans. But midst this, also remember to take regular breaks (10 minutes in every half or one hour) to rejuvenate yourself and shift your brain’s gear.

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Reduce the intake of caffeine and Tea

Staying awake at night is almost impossible without the support of coffee or tea. And thus cutting down on coffee during exams becomes quite a task in itself. How will you stay awake to memorize sums or theories from a textbook without the backing of your best friend caffeine that gets you going?

Well, caffeine happens to boost energy by increasing the level of cortisol (stress hormone) rather than reducing it. Though this may help you to stay awake at night, it eventually will increase stress levels and turning you more panicky.

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In case you are unable to cut off caffeine, you can try to swap coffee for herbal tea or water that will help you stay hydrated and cope better with exam stress. Because the motto during exams is reducing stress, and consumption of caffeine will act the opposite.

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Tip: Self-treat

Treat yourself with a chocolate or 10-minute break every time you complete one answer without looking at your phone. Slowly and steadily increase the time you spend without your phone and it will help in reducing the stress levels. 

Exercise, Meditate and Eat Well

No amount of meals skipped for exam preparation is going to fetch you high scores. Instead, it will divert your attention from exam to hunger. Similarly, all study and no play will make jack a lazy boy. Physical exercise such as yoga, walking and jogging help in building concentration levels. When you move your body, blood is circulated to your brain and when the brain is fed with enough oxygen it will be in a better position to take in whatever is learned.

Additionally, avoid munching on junk food. Because though tasty, it will suck away more of your energy, and make you feel lazier. Munch on a healthy diet comprising of nuts, milk, boiled and raw vegetables, etc. which will give you strength and reduce stress.

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