Often, in our daily conversations, we end up asking our friends to describe a certain thing by its shape, colour or physical appearance if it happens to be unfamiliar to us. ‘Putting a face to the name’ is a phrase that comes to be of use when you meet someone who you have only heard of and never seen in person. All of these phrases point to the importance of visualisation skills, which every person, regardless of their age must possess. This becomes even more important when you are a parent and want to extend a holistic learning experience to your children. This article touches upon exactly that by listing down varied parenting tips to encourage early learning with visual aids.

How can parents help their kids from an early stage?

Here is a list of parenting tips for those looking to inculcate holistic learning with the help of visual aids: 

  • Don’t hesitate to treat every single thing in your child’s environment a learning tool. Be it the green-leafy plants on your windowsill to the red truck that is your child’s favourite toy, try and utilise every single tool to its fullest.
  • Allow your child to be the driver as you play the role of an enabler. Often parents may end up trying to over-explain things, thereby not allowing the child to find their groove. Letting your child learn at their own pace while ensuring that you provide them with the necessary aids is most important.
  • Parents might make up the mistake of talking at their child, instead of talking to them. When it comes to learning, the more you let your child share their opinions, express their thoughts, better will their articulation become as they grow up.
  • One of the most-often quoted parenting tips, would be to focus on your child’s interests. When learning involves something that truly intrigues your child, it becomes a notch-up in their engagement. This will further help them explore topics and areas based on their interests.
  • Parents should heavily depend on using educational charts especially when it comes to visual aids. These charts help the children visualise a fruit, bird, animal or even letters and words by bringing them to life on a vast canvass. Seeing thing in front of their eyes, can further help children relate quicker and retain more as they learn. Educational charts help in strengthening memory power by giving life to theory.

Before moving forward, let’s do an exercise, read the following out loud:

A ripe, bright yellow mango.

A little, brown haired, girl in a pink frock.

A colourful painter’s smock smeared with black grease.

Were you able to visualise a mango, a little girl and a painter’s dirty smock? If you did, then you just exercised your power of visualisation. This is a knack that all of us humans are blessed with, which often is referred to as our ‘imagination’. As parents, it becomes our responsibility to offer our children with that crucial scope for their imagination. Wouldn’t it be easy for our children to visualise these better if they were put on an education chart? The first parenting tip would be understanding and realise the integral role of such visual aids such as these in your child’s development. 

Importance of Visual Aid in Early learning

Visual aids can generally refer to all those tools that can be used to present something better. These could rage from pictures, colourful blocks, real objects, education charts, slides, photographs, videos, maps, etc. These tools help stimulate the sense of sight and work basically more on the famous proverb, ‘seeing is believing’ in a more positive sense. When your child sees something and associates it with a name, concept or characteristic, they are able to retain it better in their memory. As you offer more and more visual aids, your child can learn better as they are able to relate to them, as well as are able to describe them in more details. Putting such parenting tips into practice will encourage self-expression, speaking abilities and sharpen their communication skills as they grow. Especially when it comes to educational charts, these can become the medium for better learning.

Charts Series from Target Publications

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Overall presentation of our charts is such that it helps children distinguish between every element, understand the relevant illustration and ensure continued learning due to the quality of the chart’s material. Furthermore, our educational charts come with a unique feature of a QR Code, which when scanned can help children learn the pronunciations of certain words and alphabets through our videos. This unique feature is added to stay relevant with the children of today’s day and age, who are extremely tech-savvy. So, with these charts, children are also offered an enchanting learning experience through our educational videos online. Our educational charts are available on our website as well as other e-commerce portals for purchase.