How to enhance Reading Abilities of children at Pre Primary Level


Pre-Primary is considered to be the initial phase of development in a child’s overall mental growth in aspects of motor skills and language skills. Phonological mode of teaching is growing in prominence in preschool these days considering the myriad of advantages it poses for kid’s further growth. Phonics concentrate on detecting the sounds and manipulating it in words independent of the word’s meaning. Thus Phonics is an important dimension to work upon for improving your child’s ability to understand sounds, detect them and thereby accord it to the word given.

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What is the ideal age for learning phonics?

The ideal age sought for kids to begin their preparation for phonics is basically between 3 to 5 years. Most preschools instill in them the awareness by following a systematic and integrated module of teaching. Moreover, there are plenty of books available in the market which can be utilized by parents to nurture in them awareness at home itself. Most of the books on Phonics are designed tailored to children’s learning needs at all points of time.

How can you improve kids’ reading and literacy skills during the pre-primary period?

Toddlers and kids amidst the age group of 3 to 5 years hold a great amount of energy and curiosity which turns their brain into a sponge that can squeeze in whatever is put into it. With the mind being free of other mundane worries and the zest to imbibe more, makes it an ideal age to experiment with different learning techniques which can directly aid in improving children’s literacy and reading skills.

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Follow a dialogue reading technique

The human mind is more sensitive to visuals. Phonological training in kids is a combination of pictures, stories, and dialogue they can comprehend. This thereby develops their understanding by molding them in all three dimensions including recognizing visuals, connecting them to stories, and grasping words. It also enhances their listening skills, wherein they are taught how to spell each word by understanding the inner sounds attached to it.

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Development of oral language

Alphabets happen to be the very core of language learning. From these alphabets are formed words that later take the form of sentences. Herein, Storybooks play a good role in developing oral language skills. The storybook for kids is compiled in a manner wherein it is filled with different pictures and stories that can be easily imbibed by kids.

Teachers can gradually help students by making them indulge in activities and by reciting nursery rhymes.

Development of motor skills

Interaction with other fellow classmates and students makes them abreast to developing their skills further. Teaching students to read alphabets and thereby slowly make them well acquainted with the phonetics is the most lucrative way of readying students to elementary schooling.

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