Benefits of Providing Preschool Learning to Kids

Advantages of enrolling your ward to preschool

A preschool lays the foundation for a child’s overall development. Ideally, a child’s basic learning begins during the age of 2.5 to 4 years i.e. before their actual years of schooling begin. Preschool is not solely a place where kids are sent to play and have fun. There is more to this than meets the eye.

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 We present this article to the parents who would soon be enrolling their kids in preschool or preprimary. Herein, you can quickly run through the benefits of enrolling your kid in preschool and also gain insight into the transformation of preschool pedagogy that has happened over the years.

Evolution of Preschool Learning

Preschool learning methodology then and now

Preschool learning has dramatically evolved over the years. Coming out of the traditional methods of reciting poetry and making kids write ABCD, more prominence is now laid on developing their basic creative skills. For example a decade before, preschool kids were made to color and drawing a fish or an apple. But at present, the concentration is more on developing their skills at the basic level. Hence, preschool learning now begins with tracing a horizontal line, vertical line, curves, etc. This builds their ability to make strokes appropriately and thereon form alphabets like ABCD without much difficulty.

Keeping this very objective in mind, Publications present preprimary learning aids that cater to the present techniques of preschool teaching. For example – stroke books A, B, and C offer kids ample practice for writing the alphabet in a correct manner through the medium of strokes. The books cater to teaching kids capital letters, small letters and enhanced strokes in addition to introducing them to subtle shades of drawing using strokes. Activity books for kids include activities that keep kids engaged and instill creative skills in them, the play with dots book provides children a platform to learn numbers through joining the dots.

Benefits of enrolling kids to preschool

Benefits of enrolling kids to preschool

According to studies, a child’s brain develops most rapidly during the first five years of life. Particularly, the first three years of life play a significant role in building a kid’s brain. It is a time for swift cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and motor development. Hence, leveraging this period in forming a basic foundation for learning will prove advantageous in the long run.

Kids between the age of 3 to 5 years are filled with energy and curiosity to explore and master new skills. Hereby, enrolling them in preschool results in remarkable progress in their social, cognitive and motor skills.

Pre schooling helps in building a strong base

  • Prepares the child for school
  • Boosts language and number skills
  • Develops their motor skills
  • Instills curiosity in minds
  • Buds teamwork and social development
  • Promotes cognitive skills

1. It fosters learning

Preschool learning helps foster creativity and curiosity in kids

As mentioned earlier, the preschool study equips kids to build their basics. Herein, enrolling your kid in a good preschool helps him/her thrive both at social and academic levels.

2. Make them school ready

Preschool readies kids by laying down the basic foundation

A preschool is more than just a playhouse for children. Ideally, it helps in shaping the kid’s overall skills, knowledge, and attitude by applying different learning methods. These methods foster communication through storytelling and rhyme sessions, introduction to alphabetsnumber, picture identification, drawing strokes, coloring, etc.

3. The option to make choices

Preschool make kids aware of their environment, outside world and choices

Here, the child gets options to spot his/her interest. This, in turn, provides teachers a platform to unleash their strengths and encourage them to perform better.

4. Building math and literary skills

Kids building their maths and language skills in preschool

Kids show more interest in pre-math and literary skills. This curiosity is further kindled by making them participate in numerous activities, singing rhymes, listening to stories, etc. This enables them to prolifically create a connection between alphabets and sounds prolifically.

Instead of making kids recite poetry, preschools now make use of audio-visual, aids playing nursery rhymes and stories on screen. Blending together audio and visual media helps in the enhanced building of a kid’s cognitive skills. Unlocking their imagination and thereby developing their skill of retaining information.

Picture Book and Alphabet Book are curated to introduce kids to initial stages of learning. The use of colorful pictures and alphabet/ words in our picture book offers kids a fun and interesting way to learn letters of alphabets while relating them with the corresponding images. Besides, these books consist of attractive pictures, use lucid language, and carry illustrations that will pique their curiosity in exploring more.

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5. Development of Motor Skills

Children studying in preschool have their motor skills developed through plays and activities

Preschool is a platform that subtly prepares kids in expanding their social and motor skills. These are reinforced by conducting occasional activities, games, reading, dancing sessions, and competitions to enhance their creativity.

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6. Helps nurture curiosity

Early enrollment helps in nurturing the curiosity of kids. This helps to kick-in imagination through creative activities like play with costumes, props, etc.

7. Promotes cognitive skills

Developing cognitive skills of children

Your tiny tots’ cognitive and language skills are strengthened by engaging them in activities that require asking questions, testing ideas, solving problems as well as reading words that aid in making sentences.

8. Builds in values of respect

Children communicating with friends and learning communication

Preschool learning works upon children’s values-system of respecting others, sharing, civility and manners, both verbally and organically.

9. Boosts Teamwork

Playing and studying together promotes teamwork in kids

Centering most activities around teamwork helps foster the child’s communicative and interaction skills to work as a team in cooperation.

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