5 Top Fun-Learn Techniques used in Most of the Top Preschools


Preschools are one of the most potential platforms for children that help in readying them for the future. Kids are introduced to a newer world where they are taught to socialize in addition to building their language and motor skills. However, there is no one way to deliver instructions and teachers often use multiple techniques to keep them engrossed in the form of fun- learn activities.

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Here are the top 5 techniques used in most of the top preschools to turn the art of learning popular:

Art and Creativity lessons

Preschools introduce students to a myriad of events and activities that acquaints students to their creative side. Activities like coloring, recognizing shapes aid in building their motor skills. This also includes dance, singing, and movements which help kids express emotions, articulate experience and thereby improve their skills.

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Reading time

Storytime and reading time is the most popular technique used widely by preschools to acquaint kids to the world of imagination. During this session, teachers read out loud to kids, stories with the lieu of helping them read, recognize letters and print awareness.

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Puppet Shows and Plays

Many top preschools use the novel technique of hosting puppet shows or story graphs that will talk about favorite books and stories to kids in the form of plays. This primarily helps in building in children the curiosity and imagination based on the stories they hear and thereby improve their creative skills.

Storybooks lead the path for kids to the world of imagination and alphabets. We have thus created story books for kids 3 to 5 years, 5 to 7 years and 7 to 9 years of range keeping in mind their requirement. The stories are drafted using lucid language with exclusive inclusion of colorful graphics to increase the appeal.

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Building blocks game

This is a popular way of introducing kids to the world of numbers and math. Different colored blocks or tiles are kept together and students are told to relate each to the written numbers. They may also be told to segregate the colored cards and count them. Another most used method is identifying different shapes and recognize what the shapes are called by their particular name.


The primary purpose of preschools is to prepare kids for their elementary school. Apart from removing from their heart any kind of fear, building creativity is also a primary need. Craft is an appropriate way of making learning fun for kids. This includes sticking craft papers in the outline of shapes like stars, circle, etc. This serves three criteria including the understanding of shapes, color, and craft.

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