NEET is a national level examination that is conducted across the country. Every year over 13 Lakh students appear for the exam. This is enough to determine the level of competition and level of toughness. Hence, if you are planning to score over 650 marks in NEET examination, your preparation must be  assisted by dedication, consistency and determination.

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To begin with, the NEET syllabus is in similar lines to Class 11 and 12 of CBSE. Thus, first, you must get yourself fully abreast with Class 11 and 12 NCERT syllabus. Whether you are a CBSE or state board student, reading NCERT textbooks will help you gain appropriate knowledge of all the topics.

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Following are the tips to gain complete guidance on how to prepare for NEET to gain 650+ score, essential preparation tips and study plan.

Understanding Class 11 and 12 Topics

Whether you have joined NEET coaching institute or you are self-studying, the purpose is to learn Class 11 and 12 NCERT syllabus. Be thorough with your NCERT concepts. If your concepts are clear then it will assist you better in cracking NEET exam 2020 with your targeted score.

Keeping the focus on your 650/720 goal

If your target score for cracking NEET 2020 is 650 out of 720, then you should have your goals set rightly. This include setting subject wise target which for example can be as follows:

  • Physics - 150/ 180
  • Chemistry - 160/180
  • Biology - 340/ 360

The target score for each subject can vary according to your priority.

Develop an effective Study Strategy

Students often tend to create a timetable only to find it difficult to follow. However, depending on your own capacity and amount of time you can invest daily, build a proper study plan. Begin with most marks fetching topics and chapters so you can spend pending time for understanding tough ones. Besides, keep revising the topics you have already completed.

To effectively prepare for NEET Exam 2020, here are few subject-wise preparation techniques that can help you reach your goal:

1. NEET Biology Preparation

  • NEET Biology accounts for 50% of the NEET exam syllabus. This comprises a total of 90 questions out of 180 with the remaining 45 distributed equally between Physics and Chemistry. Now to achieve the goal of 340 in Biology, you must be well acquainted with your NCERT textbooks. It is also important to break up the syllabus into smaller sections in order to prepare for NEET Biology and have knowledge of the important topics so that the time of study could be allotted accordingly. You must develop your conceptual understanding, gain in-depth clarity of what is written and familiarize yourself with the terms. This will help in practising more MCQs from every chapter. Following are some of the important chapters from Biology that you must focus on: 
  • Genetics, Evolution, Plant and Human Physiology, Reproduction – Flowering Plants and Human, Diversity in Living Organisms, Ecology, Structural Organization in Living Organisms, Cell Structure and Function, Biotechnology

Few quick tips:

  • Understand and memorize all the diagrams
  • Revise every topic and chapter you have covered regularly
  • After completing every chapter, practice MCQs related to the chapter
  • Solve previous year paper for gaining better clarity

Study in the form of charts and tables that will help for quick revision strategy during exam days. Include important applications and examples in these charts.

2. NEET Chemistry Preparation 

Preparation for NEET Chemistry

NEET includes a total of 45 questions from Chemistry. These questions are  from Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. In comparison to all three subjects, chemistry can be claimed to be the easiest if you have developed your understanding at the basic level.

Now let's look into each of its sections individually:

  • Physical Chemistry

Begin with reading the concepts of Physical Chemistry from your NCERT books. For scoring good in physical chemistry, you need to invest time regularly as it involves solving numerical and calculations. Back this with  solving chapter-wise MCQs, previous year papers and additional question bank. Chapters such as Thermochemistry, Equilibrium, Coordination compounds, etc. must be given additional attention because these are the topics you might face problem in the NEET exam.

  • Inorganic Chemistry

In the case of inorganic chemistry  read each and every line of NCERT textbook carefully, as questions are directly prepared from NCERT textbook.  Use of mnemonics can help you in remembering the concepts much more easily and for a longer time period. .   You can also make memory maps and short notes along with mnemonics. Revise chapters regularly to avoid forgetting important concepts. 

  • Organic Chemistry

  • Understanding basic concepts is very crucial for organic chemistry. 
  • You must learn reactions in Organic Chemistry by writing them several times and also solve questions daily.  
  • Prepare a chart of all the named reactions, from the NCERT textbooks.

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3. NEET Physics Preparation

Preparation for NEET Physics

Of all the three subjects,  Physics is considered one of the toughest. Similar to Chemistry, this subject comprises of 45 questions. Physics preparation requires the additional efforts, since, it includes a wide variety of theoretical concepts and numerical problems associated with each concept.  You must possess a thorough understanding of every minor concept in order to be able to apply it to the numerical questions. Some of the important topics include Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electrodynamics, Wave Optics, Modern Physics, Simple Harmonic Motions and Kinetic Theory. These topics contribute to the majority of questions asked in the  Physics paper..

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Important points to remember: A simple formula goes this way:

While Biology will help you qualify the exam, Chemistry will help you score well and if you have perfected your Physics, it will help you ace ahead in the exam.

Prepare Flowcharts, Notes as well as Memory maps for better Revision

Use all methods at your disposal

When you are learning a topic, begin with preparing short notes, memory maps and flowcharts. This will help in summarizing the topic in addition to highlighting the important points.

 Paste it on the wall in front of your study table. This will assist you to quickly revise the topics and understand them better. Moreover, revising the topics each day will build your ability to remember them and thereby increase your recollection of concepts too.

Take frequent tests

When you come across a problem that is utterly confusing, it is better to gain better clarity of the topics than let the air of confusion linger over your head. Discussing the topics and clearing your doubts will help you in a better manner to understand the concepts and thereby raise your chances of scoring better.

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Discuss with your Teachers in the case of Doubts

Get your Doubts Solved

Getting your doubts cleared is extremely important. When studying a particular topic or when solving the question bank, you may come across newer problems. This will help in testing your credibility and where you stand. You can go on to analyze your performance by taking weekly and bi-weekly programs. Besides, it will help you in gaining an overview of your weak areas in addition to familiarizing you to the level of difficulty involved with the questions asked in the exam.

Take up Mock Tests

Solving previous year question papers and Mock tests is a great way to test your calibre. This will help in speeding your accuracy, bettering your time management and gaining more clarity about where you stand. Further, you can identify your weak areas, performance level and in this manner help in maximizing your score.

Stay Motivated

Motivation is the key

Through the course of your exam preparation, there will be times when you get distracted from your goal. There are days when you will feel extremely stressed and low. But this is the time when you must keep going ahead.

Remember that NEET preparation requires immense hard work, consistency and complete dedication. The whole preparation period will be difficult and this is where you need to keep going by keeping all your focus on your goal alone.

If you follow all these points to the core, it will help you reach the peak and stay motivated to reach your goal. So believe in yourself and do not deter from your target, moreover whenever you feel down, picture yourself as the NEET Topper securing AIR 1.

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