NEET UG Admit Card Release Date 2019: Last Minute Preparation Strategy


NTA is all set to conduct the NEET UG examination that is slated to take place on 05 May 2019. the examination will be held in 154 cities across India. NEET UG is a national level entrance that is held for rendering admission to aspirants of medical and dental courses to top medical colleges in India. Over 15 lakh students are expected to appear for this national level exam this year. As per the latest notification, the NTA has released its NEET UG Admit Card on April 15, 2019. Candidates who have applied for the entrance exam can download the admit cards online by visiting the official website of NTA or NEET UG.

With only a few days left for the exams, the NEET UG 2019 is giving the aspirants butterflies in the stomach. Students are pacing with all their might to hit the bulls-eye and gain entry to top colleges in India. Wrapping up the last minute preparation is surely expected to bring jitters. This can eventually lead to lowering down the confidence levels too.  Hence, with the aim of calming kids off the pre-exam tensions, and to lower the D-day nervousness, here we present you few last minutes tricks.

A day before the exam just keep away all your books. Do not ponder on how you are going to perform. Any amount of worry or tension will only add to your trouble. Just consider it as a usual day like taking a regular mock test. If you have taken up the NEET UG Mock Tests offered by NTA before, then you would have gained a fair idea of what to expect on the actual day of the exam.

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Lighten your mind and go for a long stroll or a walk, indulge in some mild exercise to pacify senses. Eat good healthy food and go to sleep in time. Do not spend time worrying and browsing through the smartphone, rather have confidence in yourself and just go to sleep. One never knows the magic sleep can do on a person. It not only relaxes the mind but also boosts confidence that is very much needed for the D-Day.

Do not indulge in Small Talks

Often students are habituated to indulge in unwanted conversations right before the exam asking others “how much they have prepared” or “how many test series and mock tests they have attempted till date”. Remember to avoid any such talks that can steer in fear and doubt. Only remember that “self-confidence is the best outfit a student requires”. Indulging in such futile conversations will only leave you more confused.

Amidst this confusion, ensure you don’t forget to carry your NEET UG Admit Card to the exam center. It is an essential document, without which students won’t be allowed to sit for the tests.

Groom Well

On the morning of the exam, avoid referring your books or catching up with left out topics. Rather just spend time relaxing. Listen to some music. You can also indulge in some self-talk. It is deemed helpful. Give self-motivation by talking to oneself by repeating the mantra “I can do it”. Go to the exam hall with a calm mind, wear light clothes and most importantly once seated, relax and do not fidget.

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Before beginning to answer

So, you have entered the exam hall, finished with verification and now seated on your seat. The examiner enters the room and starts distributing question papers. Now, here is the important thing to note. Do not start with answering questions straight away. Relax, read it twice and solve all the questions first before proceeding to answer. If you are habituated in practicing for NEET UG 2019 by solving the varied NEET UG Online Test Series and Mock Test, then solving the NEET UG 2019 paper won’t be much stressful for you.

Bubble without haste

In case you are doubtful, leave the question and move to the next one. Better to answer questions whose answer you already know than spend time pondering for the right ones. Throughout 3 hours of examination, ensure to keep your confidence high. Whenever it dips, just take a deep breath and proceed.

More importantly, if you are preparing for NEET UG 2020, this is the perfect time to kickstart with studies. Check out over tips and tricks to crack NEET UG, know about the appropriate books to use as reference and other important elements.

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