NEET Preparation Strategy for Those Beginning NEET 2020 Exam Study from October


The NEET exam 2020 date is set to be conducted on May 03, 2020. This leaves the aspirants with the whole 7 months to kick start their studies and head their way towards success. However, considering the fact that most of the students opt for the NEET exam simultaneously along with their HSC boards, this leaves students with only 5 months for completing their entire portion for NEET 2020 exam. This considering that one to two months from the seven months will be devoted to completing the board exam portion.

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So, taking all these aspects into consideration, the ideal NEET 2020 exam preparation strategy will have to be a good balance between preparing for the competitive exam as well as for the board exams. As many aspirants might be already struggling with striking the right balance between the two, we herein have brought in a potential NEET study plan which if started from now i.e. from October can easily help you in completing your portion before the exam commences.

Points we would be looking through:

  • The dilemma of completing competitive exam preparation
  • How to complete NEET 2020 Exam preparation in 7 months
  • Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks
  • Conclusion

The Dilemma of Completing Competitive Exam Preparation

Well, for all those who say complete your SSC and then it is all freedom, has probably gotten it all wrong. Because life is a continuous stream of learning and you are going to be hit by another wave of the lesson once you successfully cross the first one.  Stating so, for SSC students the next big peak to cross is the HSC boards. And if you are a science student, then there are peaks to climb together. All you require here is a good balance and the right mindset to get ahead of others.

After HSC science, the road divides into Engineering, Medicine/ BDS and Bachelors degree in Science, others. However, if you are choosing either of the first two roads, then it does include few trenches named JEE Main, MHT CET and NEET which when crossed will lead you to your dream college for admission.

Having said that, NEET is a national level entrance examination held for enrolling admission to top Medicine and Dental colleges across the country. The NEET UG is for Undergraduate programs and NEET PG is for post-graduation. However, after been taken over by NTA in the prior year, the NEET exam did go through a few changes. But the exam even today comprises three subjects namely, Physics, Chemistry and Biology with 45, 45 and 90 questions asked from each section. The NEET syllabus is broadly based on the NCERT syllabus and also the mock tests started by NTA make it a great stop for preparing oneself to the T.

How to complete NEET 2020 Exam preparation in 7 months

Starting your preparation from October requires you to strike the right balance between board exams and competitive exams. Thus the foremost aspect you must concentrate on includes running through previous year papers.

So, without wasting much time, let’s give a sneak peek to the complete NEET 2020 exam strategy on how one can go on to complete their preparation in 7 months:

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Previous year questions of NEET can be a complete goldmine for all aspirants. It renders the candidate an in-depth idea about the format or manner in which the questions are set in the exam. You can furthermore, get a detailed insight of what are the important questions asked from different topics. This will further help you to decide on which topics to lay more focus on and more importantly spare you from reading all the topics.

Segregate the topics

The second step after picking the most important topics is to segregate them based on your level of learning. You can divide them further into difficult and easy topics and strategize on which topics you will focus first on.

Build a timetable

Create a timetable and fix it in your bedroom wall or paste it on the door which you can see every day on waking up first thing in the morning. Set the timetable in a manner that strikes a proper balance between your broad exam preparation and competitive exams. Here is a top tip – try to solve questions of the topic you are reading as it would help in covering both board exam portion as well as that of the NEET entrance exam.

Complete difficult topics each day

Try to complete one topic each from Physics, Chemistry and Biology every day and revise those alternate days to not forget what you have learned. Set a three-day chain for each topic which includes learning, practice, and revision.

Solve problems every day

NEET Physics happens to be the most difficult subject in the NEET preparation. Herein, apart from the theory, it is the problems and formula which becomes most difficult to remember. Hence revise it each day. Cheat notes can further serve as an efficient tool to remember the formula, especially before the examination.

This requires a hands-on tool wherein one can find a myriad of questions asked in the previous year NEET exam in one platter. NEET PSP by Target Publications presents the exact platform for aspirants to test their caliber. The book presents 32 years of previous year papers of NEET and AIPMT along with presenting a graphical bifurcation of the subtopics. Visit our website to gain a sneak peek of what are the exclusive features in the book.

Practice Diagrams

While one is not going to be asked to draw diagrams at the time of the NEET exam, practicing questions by drawing diagrams will be useful both from the aspect of boards as well as to remember answers during the exam. Hence, learn to draw diagrams and accordingly perfect your answer too.

Revise the questions every day

Revise the NEET questions every day by solving previous year question papers. This will not only help you in speeding up your preparation but also aid in the proper management of time during the exam.

NEET is an important examination for enrolling in top Medical and Dental colleges in India. Thus, it requires a study tool that assists students in covering the topics in entirety by reducing the level of stress. Hereby, Target Publications thus have bifurcated our NEET syllabus into NEET Absolute and NEET Challenger. The NEET Challenger covers the topics presenting them in tables, graphs, and points to make learning simpler. Whereas, NEET Absolute covers the theories wholly presenting a perfect stop for gaining an idea on theory. The level of difficulty in both NEET UG books is balanced based on what is understood and learned, thus offering the best platform for enhancing understanding. NEET PSP offers a one-stop tool solving previous year papers and understanding how the questions are set.

Apart from offering NEET study tool we also offer books for other competitive exams including

Target Publications offers a comprehensive platform for all board exam aspirants and competitive exam students a medium to make their learning simple and easy.

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