How to Start your Preparation for NEET UG Exam in Standard 11th?


Do you aspire to be a doctor or a dentist post your graduation? The path to your dream is not too far and is paved through cracking the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance test better known as NEET. Although the entrance test can be taken up only after the completion of Std. 12th, yet the ideal time for starting with neet exam preparation is much better when begun from 11th standard itself. Beginning the preparation in class 11th assists candidates in building a better foundation.

So to begin with we will look across the reasons about why starting preparation in Standard 11th a lucrative idea thereby moving to the preparation process and strategies for cracking the NEET UG with ease. Check out below:

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1. How does starting preparation in standard 11th helpful?

A stitch in time saves nine. This saying fits well for NEET aspirants as well. To begin with, the syllabus of NEET is a balance between class 11th and class 12th. Thus, students who start their preparation from Std. 11th itself is in a boon in comparison to those who start late. The former have more time at their disposal as well as for revising through the concepts.

2. Less Pressure reduced stress

Wouldn’t it get too hectic to prepare for board as well as entrance together? 12th standard is a crucial turning point in one’s career. Juggling between preparing for both NEET-UG as well as board examinations can lead to an increased level of stress among students. This makes 11th standard the best time to start with the preparation. Not only will it help in reducing the pressure but also lighten the stress to a great extent.

3. More time at disposal

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the earlier you start, the more time you will get to revise. Additionally, gaining an overview of the concepts and topics, prove advantageous during 12th standard. The students who have started their preparation in the 11th standard will find themselves to be much familiarized with the concepts thereby easing their sail through board exams and entrance test.

Lastly, on starting the preparation for entrance during 11th gives students one whole year to refine their skills thus leaving no stone unturned in making their mark in the examination.

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Preparation Strategy for NEET-UG during Standard 11th:

1. Know your syllabus

First things first, be well aware of the neet syllabus. The syllabus consists of topics from class 11 and class 12 of the CBSE board. While the topics may seem quite simple in first glance, considering the vastness of topics and questions, the process of learning will almost end up taking 2 full years. Thus, starting the NEET preparation from standard 11 offers students the advantage to revise the topics as they are completed in the college. Moreover, one can anytime approach their teacher in case any topic is missed out or doubts.

2. Book Materials and Reference

Once you have glanced through the syllabus for neet ug, the second step is picking from the best books for neet. The best books for neet include NCERT books recommended for Biology and Chemistry.

If you are looking for neet study material do not forget to sneak peek through our website for more information. We offer a range of neet exam books that are compiled to provide the best knowledge related to the subject.

3. Schedule your timetable

While preparing for the entrance test, ensure to keep a tab on time and utilize it properly. A lot also depends on the capacity of students as in how quick are they to grasp things and their retaining capacity. In an average spending 4 to 5 hours, each day apart from coaching classes can do wonders. Put in full concentration to what you are studying.

According to experts, studying early in the morning gives many fruitful results than burning the night oil. You can also create a timetable and schedule your targets on a daily and weekly basis.

4. Understand the concept thoroughly

The neet syllabus is vast comprising of class 11 and class 12 topic. Hence start with understanding the theory first then going forward with the concepts. Note down topics which you find difficult so as to clear it later from teachers. Keep jotting down notes along with your studies. This includes important points, shortcuts, reactions, formulae. These can later aid you during the revision process. One need not read through the entire topic and just refer to the notes for a quick recap.

5. Revise and Practice every day

Students often tend to forget topics in case they aren’t interconnected to one another. Studying without revision won’t be useful. Carry out periodic revision on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Ensure to revise and practice the concepts and formulae each day at least once for better retaining of concepts.

6. Be consistent and disciplined

Preparing for entrance examination is not an easy process. It requires immense consistency, perseverance, and discipline. Whether it is learning concepts or solving problems you must be consistent throughout. Discipline is one of the key elements that separates winners from others. Hence, be consistent, disciplined and do not let the zeal waver off.

7. Take up Online Tests

The organizing body of NEET i.e. NTA has started with neet mock test which can be taken by aspirants by registering online. These mock tests enable candidates in gaining an overall clarity about the pattern of exam and its conduction.

Check out our online test series specially designed for NEET-UG by visiting our website. You can also browse through our latest NEET Mock Tests or Online Test Series for better preparation of exam. So kick-start your preparation well in advance while still in 11th standard and be ready to step towards success with smoothness.

All the Best!

Buy NEET UG BooksBuy NEET UG Online Test Series

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