How can solving previous years papers prove useful for NEET UG 2020?


When it comes to entrance exams, every study tool will prove useful without a single effort seeming vain. The entrance exam held for Medicine and Dental courses has gone through a myriad of changes over the years. The present-day NEET was previously known as AIPMT i.e. All India Pre- Medical/ Dental Test. Gradually over the years, AIPMT turned into NEET i.e. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test which is a national level examination.

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Here’s a brief history of NEET and AIPMT:

difference in neet and aipmt

The history of medical and dental entrance exam began dates back to 1988 when it began as AIPMT i.e. All India Pre Medical Test. Later in the year 2013, the government introduced NEET i.e. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. The examination, however, met with initial resentment from people for some time. However, in the year 2016, NEET replaced AIPMT as the sole national level examination conducted for securing admission to Medical and Dental courses.

Additional Facts:

Even though NEET was introduced in 2013, AIPMT was not immediately replaced. It continued for two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015 wherein it was conducted in just one session instead of two (without Mains). A verdict was thereon passed in favor of NEET by the SC in the year 2016 when it officially replaced AIPMT as the sole national level exam.

In 2016, NEET was conducted in two sessions i.e. one in May and other in July. It was only from 2017, NEET was conducted as one MCQ paper.

Both NEET and AIPMT are medical entrance exams. However, both are different in a few ways. NEET, unlike AIPMT, is a centralized exam. NEET covers a larger number of seats in comparison to AIPMT which covered only 15% of seats in AIQ i.e. All India Quota.

While NEET comprises of PCB, which is conducted in one session. This is later followed by counselling. On the other hand, AIPMT comprised of 2 papers and was divided into two sections namely prelims and main exams. The NEET was declared as the sole national level exam in the year 2013 from when it is conducted as the sole official examination.

  • AIPMT was conducted for filling only 15% of seats, while NEET covers 85% of seats separately for each state. Both comprise of objective type questions with options.
  • Introduction of NEET did bring certain changes in the examination pattern however, the syllabus remains the same. 
  • The subtopics asked from each topic is seen to slightly vary with NEET, however, the difference is not much. Solving previous year question papers as old as from 1988 until 2019 offers extensive coverage of the topics.

This brings us to the next question i.e. how can solving previous year question papers older to 2013 in addition to previous year NEET question papers be useful for cracking NEET UG 2020? Read below to know more:

A good stop for Revision

Revision is an integral part of preparation. As many questions you solve better will be your chances in qualifying the exam without finding it difficult. So if you can get your hands on question papers from the past 32 years, it will become an easy process for you to prepare and also ease your revision.

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A grand sneak peek through the evolution of questions

The medical entrance examination has been around over 3 decades. Starting as AIPMT in 1988 and changing as NEET in 2013, the medical entrance exams have gone through a lot of changes. 

However, this doesn’t make the questions asked in AIPMT redundant for the present time. Instead, it helps gain a detailed insight into the pattern of questions which has been asked since 1988 to 2019.

Keeping this thought in mind, publications have come up with books that present an entire run through the previous year questions from the beginning till now. For example, 32 Years NEET Question papers provide to NEET aspirants the overall idea of the type of questions asked. Besides, the graphical analysis of subtopics avails students a detailed insight of subtopic wise distribution too.

In the world of competition, practice is the sole tool that can take you ahead of others. Thus, practice, practice and practice… to earn the best results for your efforts.

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Gaining a good insight into the questions asked

questions insight for neet

Going through all the questions asked over the years, you can gain a good insight about which questions have been asked frequently and those that have faded off with years. And if a question has been consistently asked over the years, carries more weightage and thus needs to be given more preference than others.

Time Management

Another advantage of solving previous year papers from the past 32 years is in learning time management. As you keep solving the papers, it will become much easy to keep a tab on your timing and help in equipping yourself for the exams accordingly.

Previous year question papers are a gold mine which when used appropriately can set one ahead to contemporaries and make learning easy.

Here’s a quick run through the entire process of NEET exam preparation:

  • Be abreast of the NEET exam syllabus of each subject including Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Be well versed with the NCERT books
  • Go through previous year papers of NEET examination
  • Create notes for revision
  • Resort to referral books for gaining a better insight into the topic and for gaining extra practice of MCQs
  • Review your preparation. Change the strategy if required and again assess your preparation.
  • Keep a positive mindset and keep working towards progress!

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