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Learning is a continuous process which is hardly going to end sooner after the completion of HSC boards especially for students from the science background. The worry of qualifying the entrance with good scores is something that lurks over in the minds of every aspirant.

Entrance Examination Fever

The next stop after Standard 12th is a series of entrance examinations such as NEET UG, MHT CET, JEE Main conducted for paving the way to engineering and medical courses at top colleges. The very mantra of this is referring to best books, taking up online test series and mock tests. However, apart from worrying as to how to qualify the entrance examination, there exists a lot more confusion about which books to refer as well as the syllabus for the tests. So, herein through this article we would discuss about few revision techniques which can smoothen one’s path towards cracking an entrance examination.

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1. Get your concepts cleared

Getting one’s concepts cleared and being abreast with the syllabus is one of the most important aspects when preparing for an entrance exam. Thus, the very first thing before beginning with the actual study process and revision is going through the entire syllabus in detail.

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2. Get acquainted with your strengths and weakness

Each individual has their own set of strengths and weakness. After acquainting oneself with the entire syllabus, the next step is analyzing one’s own strength and weakness. Make a list of topics and subjects that you are strong at and those that need much more polishing. Utilize your strengths in your favor by strengthening them first and turn your weakness into your best by practice, practice and practice.

3. Use fewer books but relevant ones

It’s not how many books you refer to but how concise the book that makes the difference. Referring to many books at a time is one of the common mistakes made by students at large. Having too many reference books for JEE Mains, NEE UG, MHT CET entrance examination can leave one completely confused. Thus, as per our study mantra, refer to fewer books not more than 2 for cracking the entrance efficiently.

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4. Strategize your plan for exam

The crux of any examination whether entrance or board is to schedule our timings well enough. Thus, strategize your plan for the exam and schedule how much time you will allocate for each subject. The syllabus for entrance examination is quite a vast one. So, one is required to travel back to their Standard 11th and 12th to revise everything from start.

At the time of the exam, ensure to not waste your time on questions that are difficult. Instead, attempt questions which are easier and so that you are left with enough time to brainstorm oneself.

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5. Take resort to previous year question papers

A lot many entrance examination books like NEET UG preparation books as well as that of JEE Main have a series of previous year question paper attached in the last page. The very reason for these papers is rendering the candidates a general idea about the questions asked in the paper.

During the last couple of months go about practicing as many question papers as possible. Three to four months before the exam must be entirely allotted to practice. While solving, one can gain understanding about how to manage time, how well to answer them and thereby gain understanding about where do we stand. Trying to attempt as many papers will make students well acquainted with the paper format thus preparing one well for the final examination.

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6. Memorize the formulas

One of the common thing between NEET, MHT CET and JEE Main syllabus are formulas. Memorize the formulas, charts and other concepts thoroughly. Building shortcuts for some of the formulas for one’s own advantage can aid in saving time and finishing with the exam sooner.

7. Keep yourself fit physically and mentally

Often in the pretext of examinations, students give the least importance to their health. This, in turn, adversely affects their final outcome during the exam. Thus, it is immensely necessary to keep oneself fit physically as well as mentally. Ensure to exercise daily either by practicing yoga or meditation in addition to 8 hours of a sound sleep so as to refresh the brain. As much as possible avoid sleeping late. Keeping your mind fresh is of utmost importance for retaining concepts and theories.

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