What Are The Top 8 Most Common Mistakes Students Make in MHT-CET?


Maharashtra State Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) 2019 will be conducted in the month of May 2019 and the online application process is still going on till March 23rd and the extended online application date will be from 24th to 31st March 2019. As an MHT-CET aspirant, you may have filled the online MHT-CET form or on your way to fill it. There is no doubt that it’s a difficult journey to crack this enigmatic medical entrance exam under Maharashtra Board but if you follow the right plan and dedicate yourself to it with a proper strategy, the success will knock your doors.

Over 4 lakh candidates appear in this UG exam every year and analysing the previous year results, it’s clear that MHT-CET entrance exam is not everyone’s cup of tea. The UG Engineering entrance test is mainly based on your understanding of the subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Even after preparing for the exam for several months, some silly mistakes can make the whole preparation abortive. What are these mistakes? These are the common mistakes made by the students in MHT CET:

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#1 Preparation Without a Time-Table

Preparation for Medical or Engineering Entrance Exams without a proper time-table is an ineffective plan that may hamper your performance and results. Time-tables aid to the time management strategy for preparation. Exams are not just about your knowledge but about your overall efficiency that also includes time management. Allocating a specific amount of time for each subject is an effective strategy for preparation. Your study timetable may include the aspects like exam dates, the time gap between each exam, allocated study time for every subject, the arrangement of your study sessions in your everyday routine and finally allocated time for adequate revision. You can make short study sessions rather than long ones so that you can cover everything on time. Also, if any subject or concept is difficult for you or requires more time for understanding, mention that in your time table.   

#2 Higher Level Topics Before the Basics

It has been seen that students try to jump over the advanced or higher level topics before clearing the basics. There is a misconception that understanding advanced concepts first will leave a lot of time for easier concepts. But, this is not the right approach. If your basics are not clear in a subject or concept while solving advanced concepts, you may face many hindrances and you may have to come back to the basics again – well, this won’t save your time for sure. If your fundamentals are strong, you can easily understand a higher level concept and solve problems without much difficulty.

#3 Ignoring the Doubts

Never ever ignore the doubts that are germinating in your mind while understanding a certain subject. If you overlook those doubts, you will remain diffident about the concepts and your morale may get lower when a difficult question related to the same concept pops up in the exam. Make sure you clear those doubts on time either by taking the help of reference books, a friend or a teacher. Also, when we are talking about having doubts, try to not let doubts related to your exam preparation strategy build up in your mind. Be sure and confident about your study plan otherwise, you will spend more time on re-constructing the strategy rather than spending time on the essential things.

#4 A So-So Understanding of the Concepts

Not having a clear understanding of the concepts will lead to mugging up. Repeated memorizing of the concepts may not be effective. Go through the lessons pretty often and you will find the concepts easy. The stronger will be the base, the better will be the learning.

#5 A Never-Ending Study Routine

One of the common mistakes that MHT-CET students make is making an exceptionally long study routine. For effective learning, the study sessions should be short and productive. It’s not necessary than spending hours and hours behind a single concept will reinforce your understanding of the same. An effective study plan should include adequate study hours, breaks, refreshments, discussions etc. Even if you are dedicating 4 hours a day at a stretch for a subject, make sure every minute of your study is well-utilized. It’s perfectly okay to take a break and then commence your preparation again.

#6 Relying On So Many Reference Books

Being a student, it’s completely organic to encounter with so many suggestions and choices. Usually, many MHT-CET aspirants seek help and guidance from too many reference books without knowing which one is suitable for them. This leads to confusions and mixing-up of the concepts. It is advisable that stick to your core books for MHT-CET preparations and choose only the best reference books for an added understanding of the concepts. You can find the popular MHT-CET books by Target Publications and check them out as reference materials.

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#7 A Preparation Without Mock Tests

The MHT-CET Mock Test papers are a great way to boost confidence and improve time management. Mock tests are like trial examinations where you have the question paper and instructions but you have to set your timer and be honest to it. By setting a time as per the instructions in the mock test,  you can try your skills and get an idea about where you stand in MHT-CET entrance exam. Regular practice of the mock tests will edge your skills and improve your performance. You can also analyse your weak areas and get an ample amount of time to fix those areas.

#8 Stress and Improper Sleeping Pattern  

This is probably one of the tips even your parents and teachers give you before every exam. The exam stress is inevitable for sure but you can manage it properly as it can be a barrier to your success in MHT-CET. Too many things run inside the mind during an exam preparation like performance, understanding of the concepts, doubts, competition, future consequences and so forth. Students suffer from headache, loss of appetite, tiredness, irritation, depression and anxiousness. All you need to do is follow some simple rules to avoid stress during exam preparation.

  • Get enough and sound sleep.
  • Take regular breaks during study
  • Walk, exercise or meditation
  • Proper and timely diet
  • Competitiveness is okay but don’t compare yourself
  • Find someone to talk to every day
  • Stick to your study plan to avoid last hour nervousness and stress

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