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Are you an aspirant appearing for the MHT-CET 2019 competitive exam? If yes, then you are no stranger to the system of ‘taking tests’. In the earlier days, students would be able to take tests only in the offline mode, either in college or classes. As an aspirant of MHT-CET 2019, you are supposed to study for subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and can choose between either Biology and/or Mathematics on the basis of the stream you would like to choose. Students would either opt for PCM or PCB as the subjects to appear for the examination. A big factor to affect the examination scenario today is the introduction of the online format. This has driven students and coaching classes alike to find out a top-notch online test series that will help them prepare in the most effective manner for the examination.

MHT-CET is the acronym for the Maharashtra State Common Entrance Exam which is an annual entrance exam. This exam is conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education for students who belong to the Science background and are looking for admissions in Pharmacy, Agriculture and Paramedical courses. Statistically, close to four lakh students appear annually for the exam that is bound to be held in the month of May.  This year MHT-CET 2019 is scheduled to be held within the first two weeks of the month of May, 2019. In accordance with the recent changes, MHT-CET 2019 will be held as a ‘Computer based Test’, in other words it will be an online test. Aspirants who are poised to appear for this examination can visit the official site to understand the application process.

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 Gears have been set into motion and the world is slowly completing its first voyage on the seas of Digital Technology. Popularly known as the fourth industrial revolution, internet and social media together, have made a comfortable place for themselves in all our hearts and minds. All of us have been direct benefactors of these two fields, be it in terms of social media, advertising, marketing or just for studying. Let’s put all of the other factors aside and completely focus on the studies part for a minute. So you happen to be an MHT-CET aspirant who is considerably well-versed with the portion for the examination, owing to all the MHT-CET books. What’s the next logical step? With keeping the current scenario in mind, an MHT-CET Online Test Series is your best bet! You can also try out Target’s free sample test. Let’s discuss.

What are the advantages of an Online Test Series?

  1. It is a tool of great convenience and flexibility as all students need, is a computer system and access to the internet to start attempting tests. An online test series is generally conducted through an online portal, where the students are allowed to Login and attempt the tests at anytime from anywhere.
  2. These test series are compiled in a manner to comprehensively cover the entire syllabus that is notified for the examination, here MHT-CET 2019. The questions asked herein cover a range of concepts and differ in their difficulty levels, which prove quite beneficial for the students as he/she gets to revise the entire syllabus.
  3. The purpose of an online test series is to help a student understand how a real-time examination would work like. Here a student is able to track the correct questions; time taken to solve the paper as well as his/her projected rank in keeping with many other aspirants.
  4. Apart from being able to track their progress, students are also able to go back and re-visit all the solutions, which negate the possibility of mistake repetition.
  5. Some online tests go the extra mile of helping students with instant and unbiased feedback that will enable them to get an idea about their preparation strategy and how to perfect it.

Buy MHT CET BooksBuy MHT CET Online Test Series

What kind of salient features should you look for in an Online Test Series?

  1. First off, an online test series must have more than one type of test conducted within. For instance, you can opt for an online test series of MHT-CET PCM that consists of different types of tests that cover all the topics mentioned in MHT-CET Books in a variance of their difficulty level.  
  2. An online test series which will offer a proper time-tracker for each test and would also provide students with the opportunity to review their answers as many times as they wish, for further practice will aid a student greatly in the long run.
  3. When it comes to the feedback part, an Online Test Series that offers students with graphically represented performance charts is a clear winner.
  4. Opting for a test series which is able to accurately provide students with their projected rank in comparison to many others and helps them get an idea of how they would fare during the real examination, is the right way to go about buying one.  

Target Publications has made an informed foray into the world of innovative learning with their Online Test Series for NEET-UG, JEE(Main) and MHT-CET. This publication house offers a number of test series for varied competitive entrance examinations ranging from NEET-UG, JEE (Main) and MHT-CET. The sterling features of these test series include different types of tests so as to facilitate revision, time-tracker for each test to promote a real-time experience, accurate graphical representations that help students get a gander at their performance as well as projected AIR and SMR which would help students gain insightful knowledge and better their performance. As a novel feature, aspirants for JEE(Main), NEET-UG and MHT-CET 2019 will now be able to attempt a free mock online test on Target’s portal. This would be like the litmus test before they buy the test that is perfectly curated to maximise their score. Opting for a power packed online test series such as this would help a student not only maximise their strengths but to significantly increase their rank by 2000-3000 spots, quite easily.

Buy MHT CET BooksBuy MHT CET Online Test Series

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