MHT CET Admit Card Release Date 2020: Important Preparation Tips


Those students who were poised and prepared for the MHT CET Entrance Examination were able to access their Admit Cards which were released around 23rd of April, 2019. The Admit Cards were released by the Maharashtra State Common Entrance Exam cell on the official website. These students will have now attempted the examination which was held on 2nd and 3rd of May as a Computer Based Test in the online mode. This article is specially put together for not just those students who are looking forward to getting their answer key in the third week of May and subsequently their result in June 2019. It is also meant for all those students who have just begun their MHT CET preparation journey.

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Students who have attempted this examination will be able to measure their strategy and tips against the ones mentioned here and check how well they worked for them. Similarly, aspirants who will attempt the MHT CET question paper next year will get a play-by-play strategy to prepare themselves by. This examination is generally conducted by the State Common Entrance Test cell for students of the undergraduate level. The registration for it begins in the month of January and goes on till the end of March. It’s a three-hour examination divided into two papers that are worth 200 Marks and don’t feature negative marketing.

Now, that you’ve got a gist of how the examination goes, the following three tips will help you reverse engineer your MHT CET preparation.

First few months matter greatly in the end

MHT CET syllabus is something that you must know and remember like the back of your hand. Thus, it is important to remember to adhere to it completely from the very beginning itself. At the same time, collect as many MHT CET previous years question papers as you can. This will help you thoroughly understand the paper pattern, compare the questions with your HSC syllabus as well as give you a great academic beginning. The way you build up your foundation in the first few months will give you the opportunity to reach the sky in terms of an excellent rank in the end.

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A strategy that is devised well, excels well 

Any well-planned strategy features the most relevant reference material that is kept in tandem with the most efficient tools. What does this statement mean for someone who is aspiring to attempt the MHT CET 2020 examination? On closer inspection, you will realise that this statement actually means quite a lot academically. It’s a game of putting together two blocks, the first of which is comprehensive reference material. Take your time and choose the best reference books for MHT CET with the help of your teachers and seniors. Today, you can choose MHT CET books online specifically prepared for physics, chemistry, and biology exclusively. Once you are set with your reference material, the next step is practice material. Solve as many offline MHT CET mock tests as you can and enrol yourself into an MHT CET online test series to acclimatise yourself in real-time.

Tie all lose ends before the D-day

Now once you have your admit card in hand and are just a few weeks away from the examination day, a few things you must remember. First and foremost, this is the time to not learn anything new, rather revise all your strengths. With that part of your preparation covered, you can refer to the Information bulletin on the official website of MHT CET where you will be able to find all instructions you need. Here you will also find all the rules that you must adhere to when you enter the exam hall.  Finally, keep a relaxed outlook and calm posture that will help you sail through effortlessly in MHT CET 2020.

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We hope that armoured with our comprehensively prepared MHT CET study material, every aspirant will be able to climb the ladder to success.

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