MHT CET 2020 is a state-level entrance exam conducted by the State Common Entrance Test Cell. This year, the exam will take place from April 13 to 17 and April 20 to 23 for PCM and PCB groups separately. The exam is conducted for candidates seeking admission to undergraduate engineering and pharmacy programs. Aspirants must fill the MHT CET 2020 application form from January 07 until February 29. Furthermore, those who fill the form after March 7 will be levied with late fee charges.

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Background of MHT CET Exam

MHT CET is an entrance exam that is by online mode for admission to engineering courses of B.E/ B.Tech offered by over 342 reputed institutes across Maharashtra. Students have the choice of appearing the exam in any one group or both groups i.e PCM and/ or PCB. There will be no negative marks and the questions will be mainly application based. 20% weightage will be given to the questions from Std. XI syllabus and 80% weightage will be given to the questions from Std. XII syllabus.

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As aspirants search for details of the exam, topics like preparation tips and how to attempt the MHT CET 2020 exam top the search. With an ideal preparation strategy and knowledge of basic tips to attempt the paper, MHT CET 2020 can be cleared quite easily. This blog provides you all the necessary details required to crack MHT CET 2020.

Focus on Concepts

Concentrating on concepts is a much better option instead of resorting to rote learning. The primary focus herein is to understand the concepts of each topic while preparing for the MHT CET exam. Besides, it is a researched fact that when a person has a clear understanding of the concepts, it makes it easier for them to attempt any question surrounding the same concept.

Self – Assessment

There is no better technique than self-evaluation. It aids in gaining an overview of where does one stands in their exam preparation. Self-assessing allows one to evaluate their inner strengths and weaknesses. Also, analyzing one’s performance presents a better platform for correction, thereby modifying strategies accordingly. Mock/ Sample test papers or previous year’s exam papers are a good resource for assessing one’s preparation in the perfect way.

The technique to self - assess

After attempting a paper, you can begin with self-evaluating and analyzing your answer sheet well. Go through the questions on the paper (both correct and incorrect ones). Furthermore, evaluate those that are incorrect or are being left unanswered. These are the weak links that you need to work on. Go ahead and learn, practice and revise those topics to the core.

How does it benefit?

  • It helps in analyzing subject knowledge
  • A platform to check and access speed and accuracy of attempting sample papers
  • Aid in gaining confidence to attempt questions during the exam
  • Assists in building a strategy for attempting time-consuming/ tricky questions at the time of the exam.

Stay positive and confident

Belief is a magical tool that can transform destiny. It has the power to rewrite your entire luck and destiny with your own hands. The same technique applies in the case of MHT CET exam preparation too. If you believe in the fact that you can complete a certain topic within a stipulated time frame, it is indeed possible. Begin with telling yourself that you can crack MHT CET paper with a good score. Repeat it every day and believe that you can. This belief and confidence would definitely take you a step closer to your goals.

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What to do?

Every day spend 10-15 minutes to quickly recap everything you learned through the day. Recalling and revising what you know just before going to sleep helps in fixating it in your mind permanently. Furthermore, ensure to keep away from stress throughout the preparation. Also, surround yourself with people who can boost your morale or motivate you in your MHT CET journey.

Do not forget to tell yourself “I WILL SURELY CRACK THE EXAM”.

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Importance of good health

A healthy body and mind are two important ingredients for success. This makes health an essential criterion to prepare well for your exam. Maintain your health during the preparation of the MHT CET Exam 2020. Practice meditation and physical activities that can enhance your concentration. Avoid temptations of indulging in unhealthy food that can wade away your energy and make you lousy. A balanced diet comprising of vegetables and fruits tends to be good for the brain. Moreover, do not skip meals on the excuse of learning.

You can perform better by opting for smart and healthy learning rather than stressing yourself out. Herein, being abreast with Std 11th and Std 12th textbooks and referring to additional study material for practice can help in a great way.

So, eat healthy, sleep well and practice whole-heartedly. Watch yourself getting close to success and your dream.

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Tips to follow during MHT CET exam 2020

The day of the exam can be particularly difficult with butterflies fluttering inside your stomach. Thus, it is particularly important to maintain a calm mind.

Here are a few tips to ensure you ace your exam, hassle-free:

1. On finding a particular question difficult, refrain from spending your time to solve it. Rather, we recommend moving to the next question. However, if time permits you can return to the previous question and answer it later.

2. Clearing sectional cut-off for each section in addition to overall cut-off is also necessary to be comprehended. Thus, if you find any question to be a bit challenging, rather opt for a minimum number of questions that are required to clear the sectional cut-off of the section.

3. In case you find any question tricky, we recommend you to read them carefully before attempting them.

4. Refrain from using shortcuts unless you are not completely sure about its application.

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