How to Start Your Preparation for MHT CET Exam in 11th Standard?


The Online Exam for MHT CET 2019 will be scheduled in the month of May. The appearing batch for this year is ready and probably sustaining their confidence for the Big Days. The MHT CET question paper for 2019 will make the upcoming batch aware of the trend and pattern of the papers. The MHT CET exam is in line with the syllabus followed by Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. There will be approx. 75-80% of questions in the exam from Standard 12th and 15-20% from Standard 11th. Well, in that case, why is it necessary to start your preparation from Grade 11 only? The answer can be given considering the following factors:

  • Ample amount of time and lesser Board exam pressure
  • Lesser burden of Standard 11th syllabus during MHT CET preparation in 12th standard
  • Enough time to explore the right Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physics MHT CET study material
  • You can find the right books after exploring many
  • Adequate time to consult seniors, last year toppers, present year appearing students and teachers
  • More reinforced core knowledge

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Tops 5 Tips to Prepare for MHT CET in 11th Standard

The 11th standard is the perfect time to start your MHT CET preparation. Yes, there will be excitement, nervousness, curiosity, passion and so much time as well. This is the time, you are not rushing into so many things that you may do next year. You don’t have to deal with the Board Exam pressure and the stress of MHT CET entrance exam simultaneously. No need of too many study hours or studying at a stretch for the whole day. This is not a productive strategy for mht cet preparation during the 11th standard. Utilize the hours of your day when you are most active. The below-mentioned tips may help you boost your preparation base for MHT CET 2020. 

Understand Your Syllabus

Studying anything and everything you see in your course book may not be an efficient way of preparing for MHT CET. It’s very important to understand your MHT CET syllabus. The syllabus contains topics from 11th and 12th standard Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. If you start preparing for MHT CET in Standard 11th, you will get 2 years to complete all the topics in the syllabus. It’s recommended to prepare for the entrance exam chapter and topic-wise seeing the syllabus. You can list the covered topics, remaining topics, topics in which you are not confident enough and the topics you are well-versed with. It’s a step-by-step process that leads you to success in MHT CET exam.

A Smart Study Schedule

Creating a smart study schedule for MHT CET preparation makes it more organized and disciplined. Analyzing your weaknesses and strengths and the easy and time-taking topics in the MHT CET syllabus, you can create a time table for preparation. Stick to the time table and make sure everything you cover accordingly has been properly understood by you. Dedicate a specific number of hours for your study, take small breaks in between and then resume your preparation. You can also give small rewards to yourself after completing a set of topics. Never be ashamed of seeking guidance from seniors, teachers, friends or coaching centres. You can also explore online study materials for MHT CET for better understanding.

Find Your Best Companions from the World of Books

Books are your best companions and when it’s about MHT CET preparation, you don’t just need good books but the right and the best books for MHT CET medical and engineering books. For the basics of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics, you can study the State Board Books. For extended clarification and understanding of some concepts in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, you can refer here to some best MHT CET books.

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Identify What’s Pumping You and What’s Making You Wobble

According to toppers, experts and previous year MHT CET aspirants, Chemistry is the easiest subject to deal with. Physics is the tricky one and Mathematics is the toughest that may require extreme concentration, practice, understanding and revision. However, this may not be the case with all the MHT CET apirants. Based on in which subjects you are confident and in which you wobble, dedicate your study hours for MHT CET preparation.

Mock Tests, Revision and Lots of Practice

It’s a great idea to test your skills, accuracy and performance by trying MHT CET mock test after completing each chapter. You can also consider MHT CET Online Test Series for better evaluation of your understanding. Mock tests or test series online for MHT CET helps you overcome your exam fear and makes you familiar with the question paper pattern. Also, you can analyze how fast and how accurately you have given the answers. Now, revision and loads of practice are the two important factors that make you confident on the exam day. Make MHT CET biology notes, Physics notes, Chemistry notes and Mathematics notes chapter-wise and use this while revisioning.

Last Words and Pro Tips

MHT CET exam is a prestigious entrance exam for Maharashtra Board students. The MHT CET question paper is not something you can solve by skipping random topics and studying without a proper plan. Over 5 lakh students appeared for the entrance exam in the past two years. The competition is obviously high and you need to buck up with smart strategies and consistent productive preparation. If you are attending coaching and able to dedicate 3-5 hours for your MHT CET preparation every day, there is no reason to worry. Just make sure your grasp most of the things you learn in coaching and during self-study. The exam will be computer-based and will be conducted through online mode. You can practice sample or MHT CET online test series to overcome your exam fear. Analyze your performance from time to time. This will let you know the weak areas that you need to focus again. Never take 11th standard lightly as it creates a very important base for your board exams next year as well as engineering and medical entrance exams. Work hard, explore more, consult the right people, choose the right books and fly high with success.

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