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The JEE Main 2019 exams commenced on April 7, 2019, with paper II. Paper 1 is well underway from April 8-April 12, 2019. The MHT-CET 2019 exams are still on course. After appearing for the JEE Main 2019, appearing for MHT-CET should be easy. Preparing and giving the JEE Main will partly take care of the MHT-CET exam. This is due to MHT-CET now being at par with JEE Main as regards the syllabus. Preparations also depend on the colleges one is targeting i.e institutes at the national level or at Maharashtra level. With less than a month’s time between JEEMain 2019 and MHT-CET 2019, it is entirely possible to prepare for both the exams. A beginning towards simultaneously preparing for both can be done by focusing on Std.12th exams.

All those aiming to appear for JEE Main and MHT-CET 2019, let us take a look at how to prepare for both. We begin by taking into consideration that we target MHT-CET preparation from the beginning of the academic year.

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Tips for Simultaneous Preparation of JEE Main and MHT-CET

Step 1: Make a time-table based on important topics. Divide the topics in such a way so that you are done with them by December. The topics could be from one subject, any two subjects or all three subjects. You have to allocate four hours each day for every topic, along with managing your coaching (if enrolled for one). For MHT-CET preparations, the Triumph series from Target Publications available in combo and individual series is an exhaustive resource material. Besides, the model question papers at the end of every book are a good way to assess your exam preparations.

Step 2: Study from books recommended by toppers. Use material prepared by experienced mentors. Avoid switching from one guide to another. This could affect the overall exam preparation.

Step 3: If you have followed Step 1 diligently, you will be done with learning all the topics in six months, i.e. by December. Now you have the next three months to prepare for JEE Maindedicatedly. Preparations for JEEMain are done better with Target Publications’ Absolute and Challenger series. The reference books help students clarify concepts, learn shortcuts, formulae and theory-based questions. The books also enable them to understand the variations in questions. Additional questions from various competitive exams and entrance tests make for a vast repository of questions. Questions from previous year’s examinations serve as a reference point to help them prepare effectively.

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Step 4: On completion of your 12th Board exams, start revising the topics before appearing for the exams. In the last month, you should also solve test papers and last year’s papers by preparing a timetable.

Step 5: As both MHT-CET and JEEMain will be held in the online mode beginning 2019, solve online Test Series and Mock tests. This will help you with time management and thus boost the score. Target Publications’ Online Test series for MHT-CET and JEE Main is a comprehensive resource for assessing your preparation. The Online Model Tests are mock tests with solutions, enabling students to review these multiple times.

You can also take a sneak peek into our blog on 7 best revision techniques for Entrance Examination and get well acquainted with the MHT CET entrance test.

In all this, don’t forget you have your 12th prelims and Boards too. Your primary focus should be your Boards! Follow the order of examinations that are lined up!!!

Other Tips for Preparation

  • Devote considerable time to practising regularly.
  • Set a target for everyday and work towards it.
  • Focus on the difficult topics by preparing concise and easy-to-look-up notes.
  • Analyse previous years’ paper pattern.
  • Solve MCQs to assess preparation at regular intervals.
  • Eat proper meals
  • Stay hydrated
  • Indulge in physical exercises
  • Allot some time for meditation
  • Get good sleep of 6-7 hours.

With the above preparations done for your exams, we are sure you will be all set to crack the exams. Looking for useful tips and tricks? Then do read 10 Ways to prepare for MHT CET exam, tips, tricks and books.

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