What’s the great advantage of opting for an Online Test Series to crack JEE Mains 2020 Tests and Reports?


JEE or Joint Engineering Entrance examination is a pan-India level test for students belonging to the science background to get an entry into undergraduate courses for B.E or B.Tech. The year 2019 saw a number of changes in this examination, the first of them being that it would be now conducted by National Testing Agency in India. In addition to this, the JEE exam would be conducted twice a year once in January and once in April and candidates can take both these examinations. Better score out of the two would be taken into account when calculating the ranks of candidates. Upon a needle-point glance through the way the JEE exam has been conducted over the years, one can premise that the exam’s aim is to break away from traditional patterns of testing. Surprise plays a prime role as candidates are tested upon their concepts of Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry during the 3-hour duration of Paper I.

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Another JEE Mains Exam factor apart from its general information that demands importance and must be noted is the facility of taking the exam in either offline mode as Pen and Paper Test or online mode as a Computer-based test.  This move is to acclimatize students with the ever-growing influence of e-learning in India. This year may see a majority of students opting for the online test due to the sheer convenience of taking the test. As opposed to the offline mode, students will be allowed to revisit as well as change their answers in this online mode. Additionally, they will also be able to get away from the tedious process of coloring in the bubbles on OMR sheets.

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JEE Main exam’s second edition is set to be held in the first week of April according to the official website. As the dates would come around in just a matter of weeks, we are sure you have successfully entered the last leg of your JEE Mains preparation. Generally, students are advised to focus on enrolling themselves into JEE Main online test series or to attempt JEE main practice papers. This blog article is specially put together to highlight all the reasons why a JEE main online test series would prove to be extremely advantages. So without further ado, let us begin.

A JEE Main Online Mock Test is a mock-up of the examination

None of us is a stranger to exam fear and anxiety. The icy-cold hand that tightens its grip on you as you start your JEE main preparation, rears its head up on the day of the exam. However, if you have already taken one or many mock tests, don’t you think you would be better prepared? Of course, you would. This is exactly the purpose of JEE Mains online mock tests, they are designed to not only test your knowledge of the JEE main study material but also to test how you are able to keep your calm while attempting the exam.

A JEE Main Online Test Series covers the entire syllabus

Traditionally, the education field was dominated by students who prided themselves upon self-study methods. This scenario is fast changing now with the emergence of JEE main online mock tests. The most highlighted feature of a good online test series is that it is able to extensively cover the entire portion. These tests are put together after conducting thorough research about JEE Main syllabus as well as the JEE Main paper pattern. This process is usually employed to ensure that none of the concepts are overlooked and innovative questions are prepared to touch upon every single one of them. In addition to this, many of these JEE Main online test series ensure that there is a solid fluctuation in the level of difficulty of these questions.

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It’s never just one JEE Mains Online Test rather it is a Test Series

Throughout your JEE main preparation, you may have referred to a number of sources, previous year’s JEE papers as well as other JEE exam books. During this time one hitch that candidates generally face is that of diversity in terms of tests. A model JEE Main Online test series would be able to add greatly to your learning, only if fulfills one single criterion. This criterion is a number of different types of tests. An ideal JEE main online mock test must comprise of Topic Tests that are based on a singular topic, Unit Tests that cover a minimum of three topics as well as Model Tests that cover the entire book, for instance, a JEE main maths book or a JEE main physics book.

A JEE Mains Online Test would greatly encourage self-assessment through Reports

They say the practice is one key that can unlock any door around the universe. This is true even with your JEE main preparation. When you are able to take a Jee main online test series multiple times, you are able to not only multiple your confidence but also your attention span. This attention span does not refer to your ability to grasp everything from your JEE main books. What it does refer to is the fact that you will be able to pay great attention to where you stand in terms of your knowledge, analytical skills and time taken by you to answer these questions. The utility of the Test Series would be doubled with the provision of many detailed reports that track your usage of time, accuracy in terms of choosing the correct option and reworking on your weak areas.

We have taken into account all of the above factors and advantages of an online test series before launching our JEE Mains Online Test Series. These tests are prepared entirely on the basis of the syllabus provided in our JEE mains reference books. Infused with salient features such as time-trackers, numerous types of tests and facility to avail detailed reports about your performance, country-wide and state-wide ranks as well as a comparative analysis with other candidates, our JEE Mains online test series is the best tool to crack JEE Main Examination 2020. Our product offering comprises of the following products:

We’re sure that these online test series coupled with our excellently compiled JEE Main books would help you achieve your dream rank in JEE Main examination 2019.

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