What Are the 4 Reasons to Reattempt the JEE Mains in April 2019?


The announcement of conducting JEE Mains twice a year in 2018, brought happiness of many faces. After the first JEE Mains exam in January 2019, NTA is conducting it again in the form of Computer-Based Test (CBT) in the April month of 2019. The online registration for the second JEE Exam in 2019 is closed now. Over 9 lakh students have applied for the JEE Mains in April 2019 and out of which more than half of the applicants have already appeared in the first Joint Entrance Exam in January 2019. The question is, should you reattempt the JEE Main in April 2019?

All You Should Know About the JEE Attempts Limit

Preparation for engineering entrance exams like JEE decides a candidate’s career and future. It’s completely natural that your performance doesn’t meet your expectations in the first attempt but you always have the second chance to prove yourself and score better. For all the queries regarding the attempt limits of JEE 2019, here are the important details.

The JEE Main 2019 information brochure was available in 2018 only and according to it, a candidate will be able to attempt the entrance exam twice a year. Earlier, the total number of attempt limits for JEE Mains was 3. Every candidate was supposed to attempt for JEE Mains once a year for the three consecutive years. Dropping a year was also counted as an attempt and the rule remains the same till the date. So, now, you can attempt 6 times for the consecutive years for JEE Mains. Since the chances of JEE Mains attempts are doubled, it’s a great opportunity to pull your socks up and shine on.

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Reasons to Reattempt JEE Mains in 2019

1. Obviously, For Scoring Better Marks!

Scoring better marks in the second attempt JEE mains online test2019 is obviously the first reason to justify the decision. Many JEE aspirants take the exam too seriously and become nervous. They have to deal with double pressure – Board exams and Joint Entrance Exam. This can be the reason they fall short of confidence and do silly mistakes in the exam. You can get an idea of your result by using an online JEE main rank predictor. The second attempt for JEE Mains 2019 in April is a great opportunity to rectify the mistakes done in the first attempt. Moreover, when you have already prepared for the first attempt, it won’t be an uphill job to prepare for the same exam again. Rather, you will feel more confident as you are aware of the environment, question pattern, the kind of pressure and obviously your mistakes. Appearing for JEE Mains in April 2019 will get you an added benefit of the exam experience. For the candidates who have secured great marks in the first attempt of JEE Mains 2019, this re-attempt is a chance to maximize their performance and chances of getting the best IITs or NIITs in India.  

2. A Boost for JEE Advanced

Re-attempting for JEE Mains in 2019 is a great decision for those candidates who have performed amazingly in the first attempt that took place in January 2019. According to the rules, the best score out of two attempts is considered and there is no loss in appearing for the second time to increase your chances of getting a better rank. Even if you perform slightly better than your previous attempt, your scores will be greater and that will be counted for your JEE main rank 2019. Also, when you are finally satisfied with your second attempt, there will be no or least guilt about giving your best. This will increase your morale and impact your JEE Advanced 2019 exam preparation.   

3. Analyzing Your Capability

When you have already appeared for JEE Mains 2019 in January, you are well aware of your mistakes and weaknesses. The second attempt will help you analyse your skills, efficiency and management. You can find out that whether the first attempt was not up-to-the-mark due to nervousness or you didn’t perform well in that exam as you lacked a few essential skills. Practicing JEE mock test papers can be of great help.

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4. Because History Supports the Decision As Well  

If you turn the pages of JEE Mains and other entrance exam history, you will find out that a huge number of repeaters have outperformed in the exams since they not only get a second chance to fill the voids in their performance but also get the opportunity to reinforce their understanding of the concepts and the weak areas. A huge percentage of JEE toppers who successfully get into the best IITs and NIITs of the country are repeaters. The average percentage of the JEE  aspirants to crack the exam in their second attempt is approx. 30% to 45%. It is completely okay if you are not able to score as good as your first attempt when you retry in JEE Mains 2019 occurring in April; you still have the benefit of getting your best score considered, right?

To re-attempt an entrance exam is never a bad decision until your score in the first attempt is not terrible. If you have scored too poor marks in the first attempt of JEE Mains 2019 in January, you can rather focus on your board exams and prepare yourself for JEE 2020. Like this, you will get one complete year without any academic commitment to concentrate on JEE main syllabus for the next year. For the good scorers in JEE 2019 January exam, another attempt is completely worth. Even a slight improvement in the next attempt will offer enhance your chances of getting better colleges. So, don’t lose hope, believe yourself and be prepared to push your limits for JEE 2019 April exam. Remember, your efforts will never go in vain.

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