Study Tips by Shubham Shrivastava Topper of JEE MAIN 2019 – AIR 1


The JEE Main examination for the year 2019 conducted by the NTA completed their second session successfully in the month of April. The examination was taken up by more than 2,97,932 candidates from across the country who aspire to join  IITs and top engineering institutes in India. The results of the examination were out at the end of the April month after which the All India Rank was released. And here we do have a JEE Main Topper for 2019 who scored an AIR of 1 thereby making his dream come true for clearing the JEE Main examination.

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Success is backed by motivation and the incredible zest to make things happen. So, herein we have brought few excerpts from the topper and know in-depth about tips and his methodology used for passing the examination.

Was JEE April session his first attempt at JEE Main?

The JEE Main from the year 2019 was held twice a year once in January and other in April. According to Shubham, he attempted the exam both in January as well as in the month of April. So ideally, it was his second attempt. Though he had secured the second position after Naveen Jindal who scored 99.99% in the examination during January session of JEE Main examination, Shubham decided to give a second try by again appearing in the month of April wherein he went on to gain 99.96%.

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What was the reason for his second attempt?

Shubham always was deeply inclined towards studies. Though he had already cracked the JEE Main examination in the first attempt itself, he decided to reappear considering his fondness for once again learning his favorite subjects. As all of his friends were already attempting for the exam, he too decided to again attempt for the exam during the April session.

Reason for attempting for JEE Main 2019?

Shubham’s father works for Air India who himself was an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-M). On the other hand, his sister is pursuing B.Tech from the Indraprastha Institute of Technology (IIIT Delhi). Thus, the quest to keep the legacy alive and join IIT Bombay or IIT Delhi in order to become an engineer was always in his mind. Also, as mentioned he was quite interested in studying for his favorite subjects that included Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics which made him retake the exam during the April session.

Did he follow any preparation Strategy?

It was always his dream to pursue JEE, and thus he kick-started the preparation quite in advance. His began his preparation right from class 10 and struck the right cord in balancing between study and entertainment which helped him crack the exam with ease. He devoted a total of 3 to 4 hours from his daily routine in preparation and put in all his dedication to make the strategy work for his exam. Also during his preparation, he ensured to have full control over himself and not get driven by the pull of video games and phone.

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What did he find much useful? Joining a Coaching Class or Self Study

According to Shubham, a fine balance between coaching classes and self-study helped him to gain a deeper understanding of learning. He was a regular in school and along with also joined coaching class to get the required study material for learning in addition to proper training. As per Shubham, along with reading from the NCERT textbooks, gaining proper access to study material is also equally necessary. Additionally, as he was already from the CBSE board, he was quite abreast with the NCERT syllabus which is the pattern for JEE Main examination syllabus. This allowed him to prepare for his boards as well as entrance exam simultaneously.

Were Mock Tests and Previous Year Papers useful?

For an entrance examination, having as many study material and reference material for learning will only help you get near to your goal. And herein, previous year question papers play an important role. According to Shubham, JEE Main previous year question papers proved to be of great help to him as it rendered a deeper insight into what questions are asked frequently. Further, he also added making appropriate use of the resource guaranteed success in life. Taking up JEE Mock Tests organized by NTA was particularly helpful for him, as he understood how the real exam will be like.

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What was the difficult aspect of the preparation process?

Difficulty and problems are in mind. If the mind is set in the right direction, no one can stop anyone from getting what they require. As per Shubham, the only difficult aspect that he found during the preparation is referring to a myriad of study materials. He states, instead of relying on too many books, you can instead opt for the best reference material and study material for JEE Main which is precise, and to the point to what is taught accompanied by a good amount of examples and exercises.

What was the strategy followed by Shubham Shrivastava for JEE main exam preparation?

His simple strategy for the exam was following his goal and not getting flinched even for once. He joined a coaching class and had the required study material with him. Later every day he followed the timetable without getting diverted by any other activity. For a continuous of 2 years from class 10, he followed the best routine with full determination. This alone made it possible for him to strike balance between school boards and JEE Main entrance. He also made it a point to solve question papers and problems each day and equally dedicate time to reading novels and playing chess in his free time for rejuvenation.

As mentioned by Shubham, the importance of JEE Main study material cannot be denied. It presents a path for students to move ahead in their preparation. Target Publications’ books for JEE Main are designed in tandem to the requirement of the students. It clearly explains the concepts by presenting good clarity as well as aids in assessing the preparation through working and solving the questions given in the challenger series.

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