How to Start your preparation for JEE Main in 11th Standard?


Std. 11th is typically the best time to start your preparation for JEE Main. The very fact that you can move in pace with the syllabus that is taught in the college puts students in a greater advantage over others. This also leaves enough time in one’s disposal to study, practice and revise.

Students who begin their preparation way in advance get an extended period of 2 years to work on their weaknesses and strength. It puts them in advantageous streak as they are at liberty to go in tandem with teachings conducted in the college.

Beginning the preparation right from Std 11th is a lucrative option as one is saved from facing the pressure of 12th boards. It is often observed that students take a break for a year after 12th for revising and practice. Thus, why waste a whole year, when you can start a year prior and still prepare for the exams?

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About JEE Main

JEE is considered as one of the toughest and crucial engineering entrance examination qualifying which can kickstart one’s career to a great extent. Such students stand a chance to gain admission in prestigious institutes like IITs, NITs, CFITs. and IIITs. In an average over 1.5 million candidates appear for the paper each year which is steadily rising with years. Thus, herein the competition is 1:1.5 million. This is enough to shoot up the level of competition in you making one pull up their socks and get into the mode of preparation.

The earlier you start the better will be your position in the race. And thus, herein we have offered a to-go preparation strategy for JEE Main which you can kickstart from 11th Standard itself. Check out below:

1. Check out the syllabus

The very first thing herein is being acquainted with the JEE Main syllabus. Students can get an overall idea about the syllabus by visiting the official website. The syllabus of JEE exam comprises of Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Thus, to begin with, go through the entire syllabus and get well acquainted on the topics.

2. Hunt for best reference books

Books are the next important element in the preparation process. However, herein you need to take special care about not referring to every other book that is available in the market. One can find a range of books in the market by different authors and publications. While all of them are informative, yet referring to too many books at a time can leave you completely confused.

3. Role of good books

Refer to books which offer a precise detailing of the topics in addition to helping you in jee main preparation. Choosing the right books makes you win half the battle, with the remaining depending on time management, revision and practice. The book must be able to help in clearing your doubts with proper clarity of theory and concepts.

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4. Enroll in a good coaching class

Enrollment in a coaching class is completely optional. However, many students do opt to join JEE coaching for varied reasons. These include:

  • Completion of syllabus within a strict timeline
  • Periodic tests and exams that help evaluate one’s performance
  • Guidance from expert teachers who can time and again clear the doubts of students

Although students are rendered study material in the coaching class for practice and revision, relying on them alone is often not sufficient. You can go about referring to books by eminent publications and video lectures as well to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject other than what is taught in the class.

5. Make notes

Making notes while studying is a good way to keep a tab on concepts and theories which you find difficult as well as easy. It also offers good practice and helps one during revision. So if later you have any difficulty in understanding any concept or term you can go back to your notes where you have jotted the important concepts.

6. Revise and Practice!

Revision is the key for scoring great marks. It is no use in reading the entire book once again. Therefore, revising the concepts frequently will ensure better retaining what is already covered. Practice every day and clear any doubts as soon as they arise.

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7. Take Rest

Rest is equally necessary as much as studies. However, there is no knowledge without a healthy mind. Hence, ensure to take enough rest, sleep in time for a full 8 hours and eat a healthy diet.

With Practice, Perseverance and Determination in your side, no one can stop success from reaching you.

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