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All engineering aspirants take heart!! Those who wish to improve their scores and those who could not appear in January 2019 also rejoice! The second session of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) (Main) – 2019 to secure an undergraduate seat in engineering will be held between 7th April-20th April 2019. The exam enables you to get an engineering seat in any one of, National Institutes of Technology, Indian Institute of Information Technology and Centrally Funded Technical Institutions. The exam will be a Computer Based Test (CBT), except for the Drawing test of Main Paper-II which will be a ‘pen-and-paper’ examination. Some of the distinguishing features of the JEE (Main) are:

  1. A candidate may choose to appear for Paper 1 and/or Paper 2 depending upon the course/s he/she wishes to pursue. This means Paper I is for B.E/B.Tech aspirants, whereas Paper II, is for B.Arch aspirants.
  2. The ranks of the candidates will be based on the better of the two NTA scores of all candidates who appeared in January and April 2019 and in accordance with the policy.
  3. JEE scores are normalised scores across multi-session papers. The scores are based on the relative performance of all those who appeared for the examination in one session.
  4. Test Practice Centres have been made available for the candidates to practice as the exam will be held in CBT-mode.

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The website of National Testing Agency (NTA), the exam conducting authority, contains comprehensive information pertaining to the examination, syllabus and registration for mock test. Please visit the official website for all the syllabus details and other updates regarding your examination. Besides NTA, there are other study portals where you can take online mock tests when preparing for JEE (Main) 2019.

For a competitive exam like JEE (Main) 2019, there are many academic portals to guide you in your preparation and a vast universe of resources to choose from. Also, you may refer to books and other resources suggested by toppers apart from NCERT books which will be your main source. When looking for a reference book for competitive exams such as JEE (Main) 2019, the book ought to have some features such as:

  1. The design and marks distribution is as per the actual paper pattern
  2. It strictly adheres to the syllabus; comprehensively covers theoretical concepts and has a wide variety of questions
  3. Has questions with varying degrees of difficulty
  4. Has some unparalleled USP vis-à-vis competitors
  5. Follows innovative teaching methods, thus making learning a more holistic experience
  6. Gives important notes, formulae, shortcuts
  7. Mentions tips and hints to solve questions
  8. It is ideally accompanied by an online test series
  9. Is in tune with the digital age. Such as giving the candidate a real-time experience of taking exams through time-tracker, assessing the time taken to solve the questions, enabling the student to track his performance vis-à-vis the projected AIR, SMR etc. Additionally, the provision of QR codes to scan for access to hints is a real game-changer in today’s times.

But why should you look any further, when you have Target Publications’ resources to help you sail through JEE (Main) 2019. The books already have a great fan-following, owing to some unique features. From the point of JEE (Main) 2019, Target Publications’ Absolute Series and Challenger Series for Physics, Chemistry and Maths (PCM) should be your Bible. At Target Publications, the reference material for JEE (Main) 2019 series is compiled by experts after thorough research and from the perspective of a student. The focus is on the student having conceptual clarity and he/she honing his/her ability by solving a wide variety of MCQs. The course material is comprehensive and curated so as to simplify the syllabus. Extra chapters add to a holistic learning experience. Most importantly, additional tips are provided to understand the syllabus along with hints to solve questions.

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Considering that the exam is Maths-centric, the publication house offers the Absolute and Challenger series for Maths too. Available in Volumes 1 and 2, the books must definitely form part of your study regimen. The resource material for Physics JEE (Main) 2019 and Chemistry JEE (Main) 2019 is at par with other competitive exams like NEET-UG. The material is available in single or combo series.

Hold On! You are not done yet!! There are Two Model Question Papers and numerous evaluation tests at the end of every book that help you revise.

Now with thorough preparations done, the next important milestone is to assess your readiness for the test. This can be done by taking practice online tests, the current mode of most competitive exams. Target Publications has an exclusive Online test series for Maths and another for Physics, Chemistry and Maths (PCM). It is also making available Mock Tests for JEE (Main) 2019 for PCM. However, for Physics JEE (Main) 2019 and Chemistry JEE (Main) 2019, the test series is available along with NEET-UG books.

Your readiness quotient is few notches up already!!Right ?? By now you will have formed a solid foundation for JEE (Main) 2019 with Target Publications’ resources!! And you are also religiously following your study time-table. You are all set for the D-Day then!! We wish You All the Best for Your JEE (Main) 2019 exams!!

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