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Preschool Education – It helps kindle the joy of learning!

The brain of children between the age group of 3 to 5 years happens to be like a sponge that can instantly absorb anything that is taught. Thus, harnessing this opportunity and introducing kids to early learning can aid in inculcating them with the right habits in addition to kindling their curiosity for learning more. Unlike yesteryear, when a child’s learning process started...

Preparation Strategy for CA Intermediate Economics for Finance | 5 Quick Tips

“Don’t study hard, instead study Smart!” You must have heard this quite often, isn’t it? It applies to your CA Intermediate preparation too! You need to strategize properly and study smart. When it comes to Paper 8 of CA Inter – Economics for Finance, students usually tend to focus extensively on Section A – Financial Management (FM) which carries a weightage...

What are the pros and cons one should remember while taking a drop for NEET-UG?

A common trait that is witnessed among students who are dissatisfied by their rank, is juggling with the dilemma of whether to take a drop or test one’s luck. However, not always does following the intuition prove to be the right choice. NEET UG is an important exam for everyone aiming for the Medical or Dental field. The scores obtained in the test will decide one’s future prospects. A...

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